Beautiful mermaid! Jem Wolfie poses from the paradise beach

Beautiful mermaid!  Jem Wolfie poses from the paradise beach (Instagram)

Beautiful mermaid! Jem Wolfie poses from the heavenly beach | Instagram

The beautiful model Jem wolfie she delighted her followers by posing from a beautiful beach showing off her incredible mermaid body, leaving her millions of fans with their mouths wide open and wanting more.

Jem Wolfie is still doing his thing and once again delighted his millions of followers by posing in one of his best swimsuits.

And it is that although her official Instagram account was deleted, thanks to the fan accounts we can continue to appreciate the incredible content of this beautiful model.

As you may recall, Perth-born influencer Jem Wolfie has lost a massive 2.6 million followers in the past few weeks, this after the famous Instagram social network fired her for “breaking our rules.”

It seems that the 29-year-old found herself in serious and strong trouble with the social media giant after sharing many sensual photos, violating community guidelines.

We removed this account for repeatedly breaking our rules, “a Facebook spokesperson, owner of Instagram, told The West Australian.

It is worth mentioning that despite what happened, the Perth-based Instagram model so far has not responded at all to comment on it.

However, Wolfie She decided to keep part of her content behind a pay wall and in this way charge her followers a monthly subscription fee for videos and photographs, so if you want to continue seeing her content, you should go to her Only Fans page.

In fact, on that famous page, a person can pay from $ 10 a month to see its content and since last August, the beautiful curvy managed to earn more than a million and a half dollars with it.

Despite having that option, it is likely that many of her followers cannot pay to see her content, so fan accounts have been dedicated to continuously sharing her content on the Instagram social network.

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Such is the case of one of the last publications that was made two days ago in one of the accounts where we can appreciate the beautiful Jem wolfie wearing an exquisite two-piece swimsuit that made her look extremely phenomenal.

Click here for Jem Wolfie’s photo.

There is no doubt that the young Australian is a queen of fitness, since she has swept each of her publications, because although she has been blocked from her account, the photographs continue to circulate on the networks.

Like many other celebrities on the Instagram social network, Jem Wolfie has his own page on the platform with exclusive content Onlyfans and it is there she promises uncensored videos.

It is worth mentioning that it is surprising how OnlyFans continues to grow in popularity, since the platform that was born as a website with subscription content and exclusively for adults, on many occasions related to sex and porn, attracts more and more celebrities who bet on this controversial and questioned business to get extra money.

Internationally, New York rapper Cardi B; actor Tyler Posey from the ‘Teen Wolf’ series; former Disney girl Bella Thorne; and teen pop star Aaron Carter are just a few of the best known.

List of international celebrities in ‘OnlyFans’

Cardi B. Tyler Posey. Bella Thorne. Aaron Carter. Tyga. Blac Chyna.

Although many may think that this unconstrained social network is only for porn stars, the truth is that there are more and more singers, models, actors, “reality show” participants, influencers and other celebrities who sign up for this fashion.

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