Beautiful !, Livia Brito has fun in public with only a towel

Beautiful !, Livia Brito has fun in public with only a towel | Instagram

Grief out !, that word does not exist in the vocabulary of those encouraged to say of Livia Brito. The beautiful Cuban actress decided to put her grief aside and go out with her friend Kim Shantal for a coffee on a towel.

The exact moment in which both celebrities are very funny, sitting and talking was captured by the impatient camera and ended up being part of the publications of the beautiful protagonist of The soulless in social networks.

In the publication shared on the official Instagram account of Livia Brito Pestana You can see two more photos that show how well these beauties were having a good time together.

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Like real girls, these celebrities played with a supermarket cart and also shared some cookies in a fun sleepover in bed. Brito took the opportunity to share the importance of enjoying each moment to the fullest, of moving forward and the value of friendship.

Currently, the spotlight has returned to the famous Cuban as the protagonist La Desalmada next to José Ron and under the production of José Alberto Castro.

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Frequently, Livia Brito shares images of the recordings on her social networks and behind them, where she has shared how good she looks in country outfits and her love for horses, who are a constant in this story.

Many criticized Livia’s return to soap operas after the altercation with a photographer, who they say has not yet reached an agreement.

Livia’s beauty and talent outweighed the scandals and that was how her return to telenovelas came and again taking the handsome José Ron by the hand.

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According to Mhoni Vidente, the Cuban wants to become a mother and would be undergoing fertility treatment at the time of the confrontation with the photographer, so she was somewhat upset. However, Livia has not commented on it and is in perfect physical shape and with a hard daily training.

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Livia brito it has had a glorious passage through soap operas; however, also series like The Pilot, they have brought him enormous recognition on the screen.

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