Beautiful birthday girl, Danna Paola celebrates her 26 in flirty photos

Beautiful birthday girl, Danna Paola celebrates her 26th in flirty photos | INSTAGRAM

The beauty actress Y mexican singer Danna Paola is celebrating her 26th birthday and uploaded some photographs with which she showed her great happiness by celebrating at an elegant event.

This is how the famous pretty girl received a serenade from mariachi, a show that looks pretty good and that he thoroughly enjoyed to the degree that he had to record it for his stories of Instagram.

And that’s not all because the young woman was also sharing some of the congratulations she received in Instagram stories, sharing that Alex Montiel, Paco de Miguel, many of his friends and colleagues from the Elite series and even Netflix they dedicated themselves to writing her a congratulatory message and some even recorded a video with their own words congratulating her.

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You can see that Danna is very happy with this achievement in life, after the difficult situation that the world has been through, she is turning one more year and full of health, something that makes her very happy and allows her to stay motivated to continue working in creating entertainment.

In the first of the photos we can see Danna with a skirt and a top quite interesting with a pink print that made her look gorgeous, in addition to her blond hair She accompanies her beauty in the images and in the second of them we can see her face of excitement and happiness sticking out her tongue, a gesture that she likes very much.

There is no doubt that she is having the best time in one of the videos that one of her friends shared, he approaches her and asks her who the birthday girl is and she screams “I” with an indescribable emotion, unless you see the video, In addition to confessing that he is already 26 years old and that he is more than happy with all the achievements he has made to this day.

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Another of his favorite things in the celebration was the arrangement of balloons and the number 26 that he received as a gift from one of his colleagues, standing in front of him for the photo shoot that we already addressed earlier in the note.

Danna Paola attended a nightclub with her friends to spend her celebration dancing and singing two of the things that most enjoy life and much more if it is with people she loves such as those who accompanied her.

We recommend that you keep an eye on Show News so as not to miss out on the best information, news, news, curiosities and everything about Danna Paola, who will surely continue to surprise us with her content and her adventures.

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