Beautiful and sporty, Alexa Dellanos with fitted outfit

Beautiful and sporty, Alexa Dellanos with fitted outfit | INSTAGRAM

The beautiful american model Alexa Dellanos has great surprises in store for her loyal audience and it was announced through a photograph in which she is sitting in the trunk of her car.

In the snapshot we can see the young woman wearing an incredible attire sports Very fitted black color that made her look more than beautiful and her fans were able to enjoy her curves in the way they like the most.

The outfit consists of a Cap black, a top of the same color, fitted pants and sports shoes, the ideal to go to the gym and continue to maintain that firm and healthy figure to continue working modeling for some brands.

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Of course, her fans gave her the likes that she so desired and achieved more than 77,000 in a few hours and the number only grows because the popularity of the young woman is enough and it has worked for her to grow in social media with its entertainment pieces.

It is worth mentioning that Alexa is the daughter of one of the most beloved and famous presenters of Telemundo Myrka Dellanos, who was one of the first to receive one of the surprises from her daughter and commented on the photograph saying that she loved the gifts that were in that trunk.

Sometimes the two appear together showing their great love and affection, something that the followers of the influencer are fascinated by because they are both very pretty and together they seem like very beautiful sisters.

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As is customary, the beautiful girl shared the page of one of her favorite books so that you can read a little of what she has learned through this medium that she likes so much.

She also showed us a bit the beautiful view that a place that really looks very elegant and beautiful has from her apartment, and we could also appreciate how the sun paints the city in colors and she is dedicated to enjoying herself while recording.

By the way, Alexa Dellanos has already reached her 4 million followers on Instagram, something worth celebrating and for what we will soon have new surprises, stay tuned for Show News so you don’t miss them.

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