Beautiful and intelligent, Daniella Chávez models smiling and free

Beautiful and intelligent, Daniella Chávez models smiling and free | INSTAGRAM

Without a doubt, one of Instagram’s favorite blondes is Daniella Chávez, a beautiful model and also influencer from chili, who has shown to have an excellent sense of fashion and fashion always using his best outfits and combinations with the best brands.

That’s right and today it has reaffirmed its place as one of the favorites, using an incredible set that consists of a white striped skirt, a melon-colored blouse that will be tied in the front and of course a bag with which she made the perfect combination, a white one that has a very large gold chain That made her shine even more than she already looked.

These are his latest photos shared in his latest publication, four pieces of entertainment in which we can appreciate your beauty from different angles and poses in what appears to be a shopping mall in Miami, Florida the city where he lives and enjoys his life.

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And it is that the young woman takes advantage of this type of situation to turn it into a photoshoot, Well, she was probably shopping and decided to take these few photos to continue with the production of her incredible content that is very liked on the Internet and shared among friends so that no one sticks her beauty and also takes inspiration from her great way of being. wear.

In some of the photos we can see her on the second floor of the shopping center smiling and showing that she is an intelligent and determined woman who knows what she is doing, always with one goal in mind and enjoying every moment calmly and patiently waiting for the results of her great perseverance and effort as a content creator.

Daniella will not stop since she is a free woman and has shown that she can upload whatever she wants, in fact a few weeks ago a reggaeton player, Arcángel, decided to comment on the models and generate the girls who upload photographs showing their figure beside our Chilean friend had to answer strongly.

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For her it was outrageous that people have to say about everything, whether they do not have the ability to accept that a woman is free to upload whatever she wants or that it is simply her source of employment and from where she receives a large part of her economy so he does not think to stop doing it.

In his stories he also places some photos and videos bringing us a little closer to his personal life or even behind the scenes of the sessions he does.

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