Beautiful and funny, Maribel Guardia wins the hearts of her fans

Beautiful and funny, Maribel Guardia wins the hearts of her fans | INSTAGRAM

If there is someone who knows perfectly how to win over the audience in the social media, that person is undoubtedly Maribel Guardia, who, from the beginning, has been characterized by being extremely funny and charismatic, in addition to showing off beautifull and fabulous all the time.

Although, normally his publications in Instagram They are to dedicate to all her fans the best wishes and beautiful messages of encouragement and motivation, sometimes she decides to get the best smiles and make the people who follow her distract a moment from their busy lives.

Therefore, yesterday the also conductiveShe decided to make us smile and publish a flirty and funny image where she appeared dressed as a tortillera, and very happy she invited us to have breakfast accompanying our food with this Aztec delicacy.

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Let us remember that, a few days ago, the charismatic singer She had also dedicated herself to selling us sweet bread, and now, social networks are uproar when mentioning that her new Mexican trade this week is selling tortillas, there is no doubt that Maribel goes through life, making her loyal fans happy .

“Does anyone want a delicious #tortilla to start engines?”, Maribel wrote in her publication, achieving so far more than 36 thousand likes and a large amount of comments from her fans, who never tire of flattering her .

“If you were my partner in the tortilla factory or denied going to work, it is because the ones I have as companions do not motivate” and “What a beauty to come to that tortilla shop and meet this beautiful woman and such a beautiful smile”, were some comments you received for your lovely snapshot.

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Although, a detail that captured everyone’s attention and totally surprised, was that Guardia appeared with her very beautiful outfit, but without the very high heels that she uses normally, and it is that clearly, she had to give that touch of realism when being in a tortillería, we know that it is dangerous and ultra tiring to walk through life all the time in heels, and more, if they are the size in which Maribel proudly wears them.

Now, we are waiting for what will be her next thematic photograph of illustrious Mexican trade, thus demonstrating that she is very proud and happy to live in this country.