Beats Introduces Glow-in-the-Dark Powerbeats

This year several updates came to the Powerbeats, including a cheaper version. And when it seemed enough, the company has confirmed the launch of some Glow-in-the-dark Powerbeats, available from November 18 on Apple’s official site.

AMBUSH PowerbeatsPowerbeats created in association with AMBUSH

The peculiar design is part of a Beats collaboration with lifestyle products company AMBUSH. In the expert part it only differs from the previous version of sports headphones by this brightness function, and by a few euros more in its final price.

The new Powerbeats glow in the dark

Glow-in-the-dark Powerbeats are the first of their kind, and represent a great alternative for your quintessential audience. Since these headphones are designed for exercise, this feature helps to be more visible while doing activities like running, walk or ride a bike.

As can be seen in the description of the new headphones, this change was suggested by Yoon Ahn, co-founder and creative director of Tokyo-based brand AMBUSH, who is known for her non-traditional unisex designs.

Especially with this product Yoon wanted to capture the “creative spark that can come from your night side, especially when you live in a city like Tokyo, which comes alive at night with a particular energy.”

Brilliant PowerbeatsInternally they have the same characteristics as the cheapest model presented in March

Glow-in-the-dark PowerbeatsGlow-in-the-dark Powerbeats

Technically, the Powerbeats include the same features of the cheaper Powerbeats introduced in March, such as:

Chip Apple H1, allowing for faster setup, pairing, and switch time between iCloud devices. Pads are included with four size options and Lightning to USB-A charging cable. Dual beam forming microphones and a voice detection accelerometer to target voices and filter out external noise. Duration of the 15 hour battery with full charge. IPX4 rating resistant to sweat and water. Technology Fast fuel, a 5 minute charge provides up to 1 hour of playtime when the battery is low. Rounded cord that is routed from the back of the ear hooks for a natural, ergonomic contour around the neck.

When everything looks perfect, firms prove that their products can be even better and Beats has done it!