Beatriz Rico is stunned when reading the latest from Vox: “This is so incredible”

Beatriz Rico has done it again (Photo: El HuffPost)

Actress Beatriz Rico has exploded on Twitter when reading the latest news starring Santiago Abascal’s party. The Parliamentary Group of Vox, president of the Age Group in the Assembly, has refused to allow the regional Parliament to observe a minute of silence for the macho murder in Pozuelo de Alarcón, in which a man shot his wife to death .

This table is made up of the oldest deputy of the 136 parliamentarians, Mariano Calabuig (Vox) and the two youngest, Elisa Vigil (PP) and Javier Guardiola (PSOE), as secretaries. The PSOE proposed that before the plenary session of the Constitution of the XII Legislature a minute of silence be observed for this woman but the deputy of the extreme right party has opposed.

Therefore, although the PSOE and PP parliamentarians agreed, that minute of silence could not be observed.

A news that has outraged the actress Beatriz Rico, who has been very critical on her Twitter account with the decision of Vox.

“This is so incredible,” the interpreter began by saying. “I swear I would like to ask you what reason there could be for such a barbarity. Okay, they deny sexist violence (others deny the pandemic), but a woman murdered 24 hours ago is something real … what can push someone to deny her 1 minute of silence? ”, He added.


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