Beatriz Espejel: The nets burn with the elegant nude of Koke’s wife in the bathtub

Beatriz Espejel It is one of the best known WAGs in Spanish football. The woman of Koke Resurrection and the mother of her son is a true influencer on Instagram, where she has 120,000 followers, and is also the founder and director of ‘International Academy of Languages’. She is happy both personally and professionally, always accompanied by the Atlético de Madrid midfielder, with whom she has been with for many years.

Regardless of her profession, the young woman uses social networks like many other soccer couples to publish elegant and suggestive photographs. And with his last pose, he has swept Instagram. Beatriz Espejel appears naked on her back in the bathtub of her house, with her hair falling from behind. A photo that has already received more than 2,000 ‘likes’ and compliments of all kinds.

A Beatriz Espejel who a few months ago opened up about many aspects of her life in an interview she gave during the first confinement for the coronavirus. She assured that she is tired of being known as “The woman of” for having a relationship with a footballer like Koke. «People have had an idea about me before they met me. I have always had to fight simply to have the same respect as other people. Despite everything, I have continued with my work and the most important thing is that Koke supports me in this regard. We are a team both. We are always at one ”, he told the newspaper ‘As’.

“When I opened my Instagram account, the ‘followers’ were my husband’s fans, but today many of the people who follow me have no idea who my husband is. That was my goal and I have achieved it », adds Beatriz Espejel, a fitness fan: “I have always thought about dedicating myself to physical preparation. With Koke, I fully understand his training sessions, the concentrations and the reason for everything because sport has always been part of my life. Finally, the influencer revealed her family plans: “We want to have more babies. The idea is three. Koke is a super dad, He is very involved, both with Leo and with me ”.