Beatles Day, find out why this day honors the Liverpool quartet | AP

Liverpool’s most famous quartet is remembered on a day like today Friday July 10th after declaring the « Beatles day« Do you know why? Here we tell you.

The most famous British group of the decade 1960 Until today, made up of John, Paul, George and Ringo, the Liverpool Fantastic Four were a key part of history and have a special day to celebrate.

July 10 is « Beatles Day », the most famous band of the 1960s. AP

Why do they call this day Beatles Day?

The band of hard rock that combined some other genres is celebrated on this day because the group’s return to Liverpool is remembered in 1964 after his successful tour of the United States.

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The date in question was a great precedent for the quartet since it also coincided with the premiere of his film « A Hard Day’s Night« same that added another great success to the British rock band.

In said headband, It shows a joint day in the lives of John, Paul, George and Ringo, always persecuted by the press and their fans and some their attempts to go unnoticed.

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It is worth mentioning that the film was considered by Time as one of the 100 best movies of all time as it perfectly portrayed the phenomenon « Beatle« , very latent at that time.

For these reasons, this day, which marked one of the great promotions of the band, is always celebrated particularly in Liverpool and Hamburg.

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Other important dates

Taking a step back in time, it was a February 9, 1964 that the band first performed on Ed Sullivan’s show, generating an euphoric « Beatlemania« that nobody could stop. Later, they appeared in places like Washington, New York and Miami.

The day that Beatlemania broke out after the show presentation by Ed Sullivan. AP

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Similarly, this significant date is joined by two others: the January 16, which pays tribute to their debut at the opening of the Cavern Club and on July 6, the day Lennon and McCartney met at a fair thanks to a mutual friend.

Jhon Lennon and Paul McCartney in Paris, in 1964. AP

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The Beatles They represented a watershed of a great social change that managed to change music in just 10 years, and the effect was forever.