Beatles and Chanel No. 5 in the Metropolitan

In the first issue of the magazine “Mersey Beat” (June 6, 1961), dedicated to the Liverpool “beat” groups, John Lennon wrote an amusing article on the origins of the Beatles (a group that, at that time, was far from the popularity of groups like “Gerry and the Pacemakers” or “Rory Storm and the Hurricanes”, whose drummer was Ringo Starr) that began like this: “There were once three boys who answered to the names of John, George and Paul . They decided to get together, because they were the type of people who got together. Once together, they wondered what for ”. As simple as that. Three boys from Liverpool got together and then wondered what for. What did those three boys from Liverpool get together, who were later joined by Ringo? The answer is in the delicious movie “Yesterday.” To make a better world. And why do we know that a world with Beatles songs is a better world? Because a world without Beatles songs would be a worse world.

Can you imagine a world where no one has heard the Beatles songs because the Beatles didn’t exist? Can you imagine being the only human being who remembers songs that were never composed? Can you imagine singing “The long and winding road” in front of an audience that had never heard that song? It is impossible to miss “A day in the life” or “Let it be” if those huge songs do not exist. That is why Jack Malik, the protagonist of “Yesterday”, knows what he is giving to the world when he sings the Beatles songs after a global blackout made the Beatles never exist. Malik does not pass off the Beatles songs as his own to get rich and famous, but because once he puts those songs together in his memory, he has no choice but to ask himself why and answer what anyone would answer: so that the world is better thanks to “The long and winding road”. Is the world better thanks to Chanel No. 5? At least it is after learning that Marilyn only used a few drops of Chanel No. 5 to sleep. Is the world better thanks to Liverpool, Real Madrid, Sporting and all those giant, big, medium, small and tiny teams that play football for us every weekend? I would say yes. Does a perfume, a Beatles song or a football game help you live?

Is an Atlético de Madrid-Barça match essential, even if it is played in an empty Metropolitan stadium? Is it essential to witness the reunion between Luis Suárez and Messi, even if the coronavirus tries to avoid it? Good. What did those boys from Liverpool get together for? Are you asking me that? They came together for you.