#BeardGate, the new problem of the iPhone 6

IPhone 6 users reported a problem with the phone’s metal frame and screen

(CNNMexico) – Some users of Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus reported a new problem with the device: when using it to make a call, their facial hair and / or hair get stuck between the aluminum frame and the screen glass.

This phenomenon known as #BeardGate, #SeamGate or #HairGate was posted on a blog on the page specialized in Apple known as 9 to 5 Mac and later reached social networks with real publications, as well as mockery, about the situation.

Apple had already faced problems with its new range of phones on social media with the #BendGate, where some users shared images of their bent iPhone 6 Plus phones. The technology company said that there had only been nine cases of this problem.

Here we share some of the comments that circulate on Twitter about the #BeardGate:

The team at the technology site Mashable tried to replicate the situation mentioned by users without success. At the moment Apple has not responded to this new criticism.

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