Be careful: the DGT is fining for ITV, even parked cars

We will not tire of remembering the importance of the Technical Inspection of Vehicles to guarantee the safety of vehicles in circulation on Spanish roads and therefore the safety of their passengers, and our own, as long as we share the public road with them. . Confinement, restrictions on mobility and the anomalous situation to which the health crisis has led us, has altered our habits. The car of many drivers, including myself, spend more time than ever stopped. Getting an appointment for ITV, in some situations, has been a more complicated task than ever. However, be careful, the DGT is fining ITV, even cars that are parked.

There are no excuses to comply with the ITV obligation

The health crisis, reduced mobility and less use of our cars cannot serve as an excuse for not complying with the obligation to attend our appointment with the ITV. As we told you, ITV guarantees that our car – and those of others – meet minimum safety conditions. The fact that our cars spend more time than ever before, with all that this entails, makes the work of ITVs more important than ever. And I would dare to add that it also makes it more advisable than ever that we be careful with the maintenance of our car.

ITV station.

Does the DGT foresee fines for cars without ITV parked?

Although many drivers may not be aware of it, The DGT does have penalties for those cars in which the validity of the ITV has expired, even when parked. The obligation to have a valid ITV not only applies to a vehicle that is intercepted on the road, but to any “vehicle registered or put into circulation”. So if our vehicle has not undergone a temporary or permanent withdrawal, it must pass the technical inspections in the periods that have been stipulated. That our car has been parked for weeks, or even months, is no reason to avoid this obligation.

This is how it reads in article 10 of the General Vehicle Regulations:

Article 10. Technical inspections of vehicles.
1. Vehicles registered or put into circulation must undergo technical inspection at one of the Vehicle Technical Inspection Stations for this purpose authorized by the competent body in matters of Industry in the cases and with the periodicity, requirements and exceptions established in the regulations contained in annex I.

Itv Car Parked Dgt Fine MotorEngine overhaul.

Is the DGT fining cars without ITV parked?

We know that, at this time, Traffic is penalizing many vehicles without ITV even when they are obviously parked on public roads. The ITV extensions that were granted, exceptionally, during the first state of alarm in spring 2020, will expire soon. Even so, and as denounced by the AECA-ITV sector association, absenteeism at ITV has increased considerably with the health crisis. If before the pandemic 20% of the vehicles in circulation did not have the technical inspection in order, currently that figure would have reached 45%.

For obvious reasons, and because of its scope of action, the usual thing is that the fines for cars parked without ITV are initiated by the local police, through random or specific controls. However, the final processing of the fine is the responsibility of the Provincial Traffic Headquarters, which will be the one in charge of notifications and the one that collects the payment of the penalty.

Yes, we can be fined for having our car parked on public roads with expired, unfavorable, or negative ITV

Itv Car Parked Low SuspensionsVisual inspection of the underside of a car.

The penalty procedure for a car without ITV parked

If our car has been sanctioned for not complying with the obligation to attend its appointment with the periodic ITV, the normal thing is that the agents of the local police, regional police or the Civil Guard place a notification of expired ITV penalty on the windshield of our car. However, let us think that in this situation it may be the case in which the notification is deteriorated, or even illegible, or has disappeared, due to the passage of time in the open.

That is why it is important to remember that once the sanctioning procedure has started, the vehicle owner should receive a notification from the Provincial Traffic Headquarters. And it is at that precise moment when the owner has to take the next step, recognizing the sanction and paying the established amount, or initiating an appeal, if the conditions exist that allow it to prosper.

Remember that the fine for an expired or unfavorable ITV is € 200

Evidently, After being sanctioned for having expired the ITV of our car we should not, in any case, drive with it. If we continue to use it with the ITV expired, we could face new and more substantial penalties, and even the Traffic agents who intercept us could immobilize our car. What we should do is request a prior appointment at our closest ITV center and, once we have that prior appointment, go with it directly to the ITV center.

Itv Car Parked Andalusia StationITV station of the Junta de Andalucía.

What is the fine for ITV to a parked car?

The fine for a car parked with an expired or unfavorable ITV is € 200. However, if a vehicle has received a negative MOT and, therefore, is considered to have significant deficiencies that endanger safety, it could also be sanctioned with a fine of up to € 500.

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