BBVA Next Technologies is recognized for its social impact

BBVA Next Technologies is recognized for its social impact

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has recognized the effort made by BBVA Next Technologies, the advanced ‘software’ company of the BBVA Group, to use technology as a way to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

The AWS ‘APN Partner Awards’ recognize those members of the AWS Partner Network (APN) who are leaders in the channel and play a key role in helping customers drive innovation and build solutions on AWS.

Specifically, BBVA Next Technologies has received the ‘AWS Social Impact of the Year 2020’ award for the solidarity program ‘Tech4Change’, an initiative created by BBVA Next Technologies in which more than 700 external collaborators have participated who, together with a team of volunteers from BBVA Next Technologies, developed two technological solutions devised by their employees to face the COVID-19 crisis. As a result of this initiative, two solutions have emerged:

Distance commerce, a free platform that is helping small businesses in Spain and Mexico to manage orders ‘online’. Distance commerce facilitates the receipt and management of orders ‘online’ to small businesses – such as greengrocers, markets or pharmacies – that did not have the necessary infrastructure or technological knowledge. The idea arose with the aim of offering these businesses support to be able to continue operating in the context of COVID-19.

The KeepUsSafe application, which is already available in both Spain and Mexico. The ‘app’ allows users to know the influx of people in certain places, such as supermarkets or parks, in order to avoid the busiest hours and reduce the risks associated with COVID-19.

“This award is not only aimed at BBVA Next Technologies, but it is also a recognition of the more than 700 people who wanted to participate in the Tech4Change solidarity program, offering all their knowledge and technological capacity to face the pandemic,” says Ricardo Jurado , CEO of BBVA Next Technologies. “This award is very important to us because it is a recognition of the effort we are making to facilitate that the technological knowledge and ideas that we have internally do not remain within the perimeter of our company but rather grow in community and have an impact on society” .

Collaborating with the best is essential to always stay one step ahead, which is why BBVA Next Technologies has a whole series of technological partners, such as AWS. BBVA Next Technologies has been an AWS ‘partner’ since 2012, reaching its highest level as AWS Premier Consulting Partner.

The company was one of the first Southern European companies to have the AWS Data & Analytics Competency and AWS Machine Learning Competency designations.

In 2018, AWS awarded BBVA Next Technologies the APN People Enablement Award for its effort to promote employee training and certification on AWS. In this sense, BBVA Next Technologies currently has more than 220 AWS certified employees.

Among the projects carried out using AWS services are companies such as Estrella Galicia, Viesgo, the BBVA Group and BBVA Asset Management, among others.