Bayley retains the SmackDown women’s title at WrestleMania 36

Bayley retains the SmackDown Women’s Championship after counting Lacey Evans to 3, after Lacey was attacked by Sasha Banks. After Bayley took the win, Sasha Banks puts the championship on Bayley’s waist. Is this an indication of Bayley’s next challenge?

The narration of the combat below:

All the fighters go over Tamina, however the Samoan hits them all. Sasha kicks her out of the ring. Bayley punishes Lacey Evans. Naomi is punished by Naomi. Bayley and Banks punish Evans. The account reaches 2. Evans and Naomi make an alliance and cover Banks and Bayley.

Tamina returns to combat, knocks down Evans and Naomi, double bond for Bayley and Sasha. Rikishi-style punishment on Naomi and Evans.

Tamina, Naomi and Sasha Banks are left together in the ring, and they remember when they were members of Team BAD. But Tamina hits Banks and Naomi. All the fighters agree to eliminate Tamina, all apply inverted somersault.

1,2,3 and Tamina is eliminated

Lacey Evans is momentarily knocked out, Banks and Bayley punish Naomi. Naomi applies her key, but Bayley comes to the rescue !!!!

Sasha Banks applies her Settlement, Naomi gives up !!!
Naomi is eliminated

Double attack for Lacey Evans, 1,2 and Evans survives.

Sasha grabs Lacey’s hair, but Evans moves and Bayley punishes Sasha.

Sasha asks for explanations of the attack, but Bayley reassures her friend, the champion saves from the attack of Lacey Evans, however Evans also applies his right to Sasha Banks !!!!
Sasha Banks is eliminated

Evans and Bayley go toe-to-toe, the champion weakens Evans by hitting Lacey Evans’s limbs.

Bayley ties Lacey Evans, but the southerner manages to break free. The former marine takes control, and applies double seston. Lacey Evans climbs onto the third rope and applies an Inverted somersault. 1,2 and the fight continues.

Lacey is about to apply her Women Right, but Sasha Banks returns to attack Evans, the champion takes advantage of her breakout.

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