This Sunday (2:00 p.m., Colombian time) Bayern Munich and Paris Saint Germain will play the Champions League final at the Estadio da Luz in Lisbon, Portugal.

For most, the great favoritism is held by the German team, which comes from beating Lyon, France 3-0, after crushing the powerful Barcelona of Spain 8-2 in their quarterfinal match, long considered as the best team in the world, while the Parisians come to beat Leipzig 0-3 in their key.

Former Valle del Cauca forward Adolfo el ‘Tren’ Valencia, who was part of the Bayern Munich squad for a season and a half between 1993 and 1994. In 26 games he scored 15 goals, two of them pleasantly remembered in his debut against Freiburg. He was the institution’s top gunner with 11 goals and Bundesliga champion, under the command of former World Cup player Franz Beckenbauer.

FUTBOLRED contacted the former player from Buenos Aires to know his impression of the previous commitment that will focus football attention this Sunday.

“The two teams have deserved to be there in the grand final, it will be tough for both. Bayern Munich is managing what the team is, but they also have many shortcomings in defense, Lyon had from the beginning to score a goal. With this Paris Saint Germain, who has those two bullets up, Mbappé and Neymar, in addition to Di María, you have to be very careful, he can’t go crazy. When Bayern plays with big teams they have a lot of problems ”.

He prefers not to throw bells on the fly: “That game is very hard because the left-back knowing that he has Mbappé and Neymar there is not going to give away gifts or go out like crazy. I also see the coach with many doubts, who he played as a left-back, he puts it in as a center-back, but that is his position, he is improvised; It is not the same in Paris that one sees him playing as usual, with players who were signed to win that Champions League, at least I, who am a Bayern fan, to bet my money I go with Paris « .

Why “It is good that the Bayern team is very good at football, but PSG has a collective and individualities, on the other hand the individualities of Paris are less, Mbappé and Neymar know that they win the Champions League and for a while they forget about Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, the Champions League is the best, if they put it between Mbappé and Neymar there is the prize between the two of them ”.

Adolfo ‘The Train’ Valencia.



‘El Tren’ returns to analyze what happened in the surprising result of the German team against Barcelona: “I have analyzed and studied Bayern, we all knew that Barcelona was there taking little steps, crawling, but we felt the elimination because those shortcomings were showed in the tournament, a team with 4 points of advantage and playing with bad teams. If it were for football, Xavi and Iniesta would be playing, but players like Busquets and Piqué are in a bad way, that’s why there is a crisis there. Piqué is worried that Shakira will not see him play and suddenly he can separate, that is how you no longer have legs and there is no speed you have to leave, they are stealing, people who do not score, who do not take a ball nobody, when they are thrown long either. The coach who arrived (Ronald Koeman) said that he liked the experience, that the team was mixed between young people and veterans, but whoever was not well did not get it. There he is throwing it at them, but since he is a coach they respect, the message is clear, and Messi cannot expect the team to play his way, he was a great player, but in today’s football the speed it’s very important, as Leipzig showed against Atlético ”.

Valencia added that “as coach or president of Barça I would take four or five boys from Leipzig, because they are young people of 21 or maximum 23 years old, later they would serve him, at least Jordi Alba is no longer there to play, he is a guy who all the time he is injured; Neither does that Frenchman play as a winger and when he goes on the attack he is the broken team, he knows how to attack, but he does not score ”.

About Messi, he explained that “he does not leave because he is already comfortable, he can be one of the maximum shareholders, we all know that the Argentine is very clever, the Argentine as long as he has a house a thousand years there they stay. Messi has already stayed in his Barcelona and does not move from there, now he bought a set in Miami Beach and when he has his vacation he goes there ”.

Marco Antonio Garcés
Correspondent Futbolred Cali
On twitter: @marquitosgarces