Bayern summary and goals


On 04/08/2021 at 00:17 CEST

X. Serrano

Cold, very cold served the PSG revenge for the final lost last summer in Lisbon. Under heavy snowfall, with the thermometer reading 0 degrees, the French box stormed the Allianz Arena and took Paris a result that is not definitive, but very positive (2-3). The Bavarians did not lose in Champions from the 2018-19 season.



Bayern Munich

Neuer; Pavard, Süle (Boateng, 42 ‘), Alaba, Hernández; Goretzka (Davies, 33 ‘), Kimmich; Sané, Müller, Coman; Choupo-Moting.


Navas; Dagba, Marquinhos (Herrera, 31 ‘), Kimpembe, Diallo (Bakker, 46’); Danilo, Gueye; Di María (71 ‘), Neymar (Rafinha, 90’), Draxler; Mbappe.


0-1 M. 3 Mbappé. 0-2 M. 28 Marquinhos. 1-2 M. 37 Choupo-Moting. 2-2 M. 66 Müller. 2-3 M. 68 Mbappé.


Antonio Mateu Lahoz (Spain). TA: Hernández (35 ‘), Kimmich (70’), Boateng (72 ‘), Choupo-Moting (89’) / Draxler (62 ‘).


Match played at the Allianz Arena corresponding to the first leg of the Champions League quarterfinals.

The team of Pochettino penalized the few defensive errors of the Bayern and it was lethal against it. He had four and scored three. With Neymar pulling the strings and Mbappe, author of a doublet, devastating. Those of Flick they were a choral and offensive gale, they came to draw, but they ran into a Keylor colossal. The return will be exciting.

It was a game conditioned by absences. Without Lewandowski neither Gnabry, there was no other choice Flick what to bet on Choupo-Moting. Pochettino, meanwhile, had the outstanding casualties of Verratti and Florenzi. Murphy’s solved it with a double reinforced concrete pivot, Danilo-Gueye, and ahead all the meat on the spit: Say Maria, Neymar, Draxler and Mbappe.

That the game was going to meet expectations was clear at the first turnaround. Choupo-Moting smashed a header into the crossbar and, immediately afterwards, the PSG struck in a fleeting counter. Neymar found a runway behind the midfielders and, given the inaction Süle, attended to Mbappe. It was enough for the Gaul to undo the leather to beat a Neuer not very successful.

The goal unleashed the fury of the champion, an offensive gale on all fronts. But there it was Keylor to hold the PSG and save the auctions of Goretzka and Pavard. Still boxed in, the PSG it threatened the contra. With Neymar pitcher and Mbappe to the race. TO Draxler they annulled a goal for offside, but the ’10’ threw of mischief to extend the advantage. The Bavarian rear came out after a corner and Neymar left alone Marquinhos to shoot Neuer. His last serve before getting injured.

The battered Gallic rear lost its pillar. And punished him Choupo-Moting, free of mark, to head splendidly the 1-2 when the most touched was Bayern. The second act started with Neuer saving a heads up before Neymar, but the Bavarian steamroller returned to carbure as if nothing. The PSG bailed water, locked in his area and entrusted to reflections of Keylor. The Dominican stopped again before Praise and Pavard, but he could do nothing in the head of Müller that supposed the tie.

The comeback was sensed, but in a new transition Mbappe danced to Boateng to return the advantage to PSG. Sold out, the Bayern He threw the rest in search of the tie. It escaped by a pin to Praise. With epic, asking for the time and hanging from the crossbar, those of Pochettino they resisted the Bavarian siege and took valuable booty to Paris. But let no one leave the champion for dead.