Bayern say they don’t want Haaland


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Rumors about Haaland’s arrival at Bayern Munich do not stop. And from the club, far from hiding, They emphasize that they will not go after the player. Despite the Norwegian’s explosion in the Bundesliga, the price they impose continues to be higher to which the leaders of the competition would consider. The German team relapses in the argument of the last months, the current squad is sufficient for the objectives of the club.

Oliver Kahn, Bayern manager, reaffirms what they have been announcing in recent months. Haaland’s price is out of the club’s budget: “I’m sorry, whoever talks about that is that they still haven’t understood the situation. The entire pack costs, as we understand it, more than 100 million euros. For Bayern it is something unimaginable“, he explained.

And as usual, they justify their decision with the level that they show Lewandowski: “He has two years left on his contract here and his performance is unquestionable. He has scored 39 goals! That is why we do not think of Haaland today.“He confirmed.” Robert can maintain the level for a few more years. There are different types of players. With Neuer, for example, you feel like he can play at this level until he’s 40. As long as he’s in top form, it will be important for the team, “he added.

Before the former goalkeeper spoke, he had already done so Rummenige , the club’s CEO: “I don’t know where the rumors come from. The only thing I can say is that we have the best footballer in the world in this position.. Robert Lewandowski He has a contract until 2023 and I am convinced that, taking into account his professionalism, how he trains and takes care of his body, it will not be his end here “

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