He Bayern Munich has returned to training this Monday after two weeks of cyber training at home, as announced last Sunday in their social network profiles. Of course, they did it in small groups and always respecting the rule of keeping a distance of 1.5 meters with another player or member of the squad.

Manuel Neuer, captain of the Bavarian team, spoke after the session for the club’s website and assured that «It was a very strange feeling to do the training in small groups. Although it was also good to see the colleagues in person. ” The German goalkeeper thanked the entity for allowing them to carry out this session. “I want to thank the club and all the assistants that in these difficult times we can go back to do specific training.”

Until now, the players had exercised in a conference call from their homes. Not being able to attend in person, they opted for that measure. In fact, two former German footballers, Bastian Schweinsteiger and Arjen Robben, also joined these sessions. This Monday they have resumed practices on the field of play, but complying with the hygiene standards established to combat the coronavirus.

Before starting, the footballers were divided into groups of four or five players and changed into separate booths. Having to comply with the rule of at least 1.5 meters away there were no individual duels to fight for the ball. During the same they focused on running exercises, shots on goal and technical work.

The truth is the Bundesliga is stopped until at least April 30Although the leaders do not rule out that the break is longer and therefore extend the return date. Today, Germany is the fourth country in the world most affected by the coronavirus with 100,132 confirmed cases and 1,548 deaths.