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Bayern Munich Champions finalist, puts ‘MisterChip’ in trouble

Juan Pablo Arevalo

August 19, 2020, 06:02 p.m.

The famous soccer statistician was reminded of a promise he made earlier in the season.

Bayern Munich came stomping into the Champions League final: they have won all their matches and their tenth win was 3-0 over Lyon on Wednesday, in the semifinal match. The German team surprised locals and strangers, as it was not among the favorites for the title at the beginning of the season.

Not at least for ‘MisterChip’, the famous statistician, who always has impressive data on world football, and when this Champions League began he did not have Bayern in his bunch of favorites.

This was reminded him on social networks. And they also reminded him of a promise he made, challenging fate, if Bayern reached the Champions League final.

The data specialist, born in Spain, said at the time that if Bayern (or Real Madrid) reached the Champions League final, they would have extreme changes in their appearance, including a tattoo.