Berlin, May 25 . .- A genius of Joshua Kimmich gave the triumph to Bayern Munich at classic german before him Borussia Dortmund (0-1) and what about to its eighth title consecutive of the Bundesliga.

Kimmich defined the match for the Bayern with an impressive petroleum jelly from outside the box in the 43rd minute that surprised the Swiss goal early Roman Bürki.

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The Dortmund he made an occasion a few seconds after the game started, when Erling Haaland he put a ball to Thorgan Hazard before which Manuel Neuer he had to leave his area to save.

The ‘Black and Yellow’ recovered the rebound and Haaland He had a shot angle before Neuer could return to goal. His shot went through the goalkeeper’s legs, but Jerome Boateng saved on the goal line.

That action was the beginning of the first ten minutes in which the Dortmund He had the best of the game.

After that phase, the Bayern began to come out of a certain initial lethargy. Robert Lewandowski gave the first signal with a low shot that controlled goal Roman Bürki without major problems.

The Bayern began to have more the ball. In 19, Serge Gnabry, to center Kingsley Coman, had a good chance with a shot that beat Bürki but Lukasz Piszczek managed to get off the goal line.

The match was even with slight advantages of Bayern. On the side of the Dortmund, Haaland reached the area but not the auction.

The party unbalanced a genius of Joshua Kimmich in the 43rd minute when he released his Vaseline with almost no angle to shoot and with several players from Dortmund Covering his way to the goal, Bürki managed to touch the ball with his hand but was unable to deflect it.

In the second half the Bayern allowed little and I create some occasions. The first a low shot by Leon Goretzka in 54 that Bürki had to deflect; although the best had it Lewandowski with a shot to the post in 83.