It’s been some time since Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid will come to Nintendo Switch, so there are many players who have been able to play where they wanted, how they wanted and when they wanted the intense combats that the protagonists of this more than long-standing saga of guardians of good have provided. Thus, this title already had two season passes, so the number of available fighters had increased considerably, but now it has been announced that the squad will not stay there with the end of the second, since the creation of what will be the third season pass, Of which we already know its first details, as it will include free content and paid content!

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid will feature new fighters included in a third season pass

Three new characters: Robert «RJ» James, the Purple Ranger Jungle Fury: He trained with his father, Master Finn, but RJ ended up rejecting the shark style and adopted the spirit of the wolf instead. Lauren Shiba, the Red Ranger Super Samurai: Spend his Life trying to nominate the sealed symbol, and in the meantime, Lauren’s main objective is to return and lead the Samurai Rangers. A third character will be revealed later.

A new look: Dai Shi will have the new look that, along with his new power and the Phantom Beast Generals, allowed him to defeat the Rangers.

New free content: Megazord Samurai.Megazord improved.

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Thus, all this content will be released gradually over the coming months, but RJ, the appearance of Dai Shi, the Megazord Samurai and the improved Megazord will be available in late June. Of course, as with any other season pass, in Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid we can get all this content separately or together, obtaining a small discount thanks to this last option.