Batman will fight crime in Mexico in a new comic

How many times have we Mexicans asked ourselves what would happen if we had Batman on our side, fighting crime in this country where organized crime operates with almost total impunity and most victims never get justice? We will no longer have to continue dreaming indefinitely, as DC Comics will publish a new collection of comics where the superhero from Gotham City travels the world and fights crime in 14 countries.

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In Latin America the only countries that the Bat Man honors with his presence are Mexico and Brazil, from the rest of the world, not counting the United States, we have France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Russia, Poland, Turkey , China, Korea and Japan. We do not know the details of what the comic will be about, but the script for the story that will take place in Mexico was in charge of Alberto Chimal, a writer from Toluca, and featured illustrations by Rulo Valdes.

Chimal is responsible for numerous works of fiction such as the novels The Slaves (2009), The Tower and the Garden (2012), La noche en la zona M (2019); He has also dabbled in essays, theater and poetry, as well as graphic narrative, with the works Horacio en las ciudad (2004), Kustos: Book 1: The secret door (2013) and Kustos: Book 2: All together already! (2015). Rulo, for his part, was a cartoonist for the Canek Jr. and Xtreme X-Men, Astonishing X-men and X-Men X-Termination comics.

The writer posted on his Twitter account that the comic will show Batman in Mexico City, seeking to solve a case involving the dead and ghosts; The image he shared puts Batman in front, with what could be a ghost indigenous behind him, and in the background you can see the silhouette of the Palace of Fine Arts, one of the most emblematic buildings in the city.

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The DC Comics release includes the following synopsis for the series:

The beginning of the anthology is a story of the award-winning duo of writer Brian Azzarello and artist Lee Bermejo. In the story titled “Global City”, Batman reflects on his time in Gotham, protecting his city and its inhabitants from all manner of threats. But when he looks beyond bridges, alleys, and skyscrapers, the Dark Knight realizes that the call for justice knows no borders, as there are mistakes to be corrected everywhere. His story sets off a series of stories recounting Batman’s past and present, stories told by some of the best-known international voices in comics.

You can see the tweets of Alberto chimal then:

We can not talk about the plot, since what Chimal revealed is very little and we do not know if he will really face ghosts. Since it is a comic, much realism should not be demanded of it, but perhaps having Batman in the country is a very good opportunity to portray the difficult situation in which millions of Mexicans have lived for decades. The War on Drug Trafficking, which started 15 years ago, has caused massacres and disappearances throughout the territory, with kidnapping, extortion and human trafficking as some of the main sources of income for drug cartels.

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The Batman: The World anthology will be available in September this year, both in physical and digital formats. It is logical to assume that fans of the superhero in Mexico will be excited to see him visiting the country, and starring in a story made by two renowned artists such as Alberto chimal Y Rulo Valdes.

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