Spectacular match between Baskonia and the Barcelona at the end of the ACB in the Fonteta, with victory for the first by 69-67. A basket with 3 seconds to go for Luca Vildoza, who was the best of the match, gave the title to those of Dusko Ivanovic. Thomas Heurtel was the top scorer of the game with 21 points, but they were useless.

The match was played from defense. Both Pesic and Ivanovic chose to go down to the mud. It was expected to be a game played in the area, but it was the bases that stood out. Mirotic and Shengelia, the stars of both teams, were closely watched and could not stand out.

At halftime it was with an advantage on the scoreboard for the Blaugranas. The 39-33 that was reflected in the light gave the feeling that Barça would escape as soon as the Basques let their guard down, but Ivanovic’s team has shown that nothing is too great for him.

The difference in the offensive rebound in favor of Baskonia was abysmal, which favored second chances, but they were not too successful and could not take advantage of it.

Mirotic was out of the match

As we said, Mirotic did not play a good game. He could only score 8 points and when his team needed him the most he was sent off for fouls with 5 minutes to go.

In the last quarter each ball was a war. Each basket held was important, because both teams looked very tired and any advantage could be decisive. The referees allowed the contact, which made scoring even more difficult.

With 10 seconds to go, the match was tied at 67 and that was when the great Dusko Ivanovic drew his magic. One of the best coaches in ABC history made a masterpiece on the board and when everyone expected the ball to hit Shengelia, Vildoza was left alone and scored a decisive layup.

The blaugranas had a possession to win the game, but the triple they tried went out of it and Baskonia is the champion of the ACB league 10 years later.