Basketball | Olympic Games: Basketball is the great Spanish family

When Jorge Garbajosa, president of the Spanish Federation, brings up the word family to refer to Spanish basketball, he does not do so in a figurative way. It is a literal expression and you only have to see the Spanish expedition at the Tokyo Games, where the women’s and men’s teams are linked by blood ties. Specifically, by the water of the Vigo river that runs through the Abalde brothers, Tamara and Alberto, who will become the second siblings of the opposite sex to participate in an Olympic event, picking up the witness they left Marta and Rudy Fernndez at the 2004 Athens Games.

The road was about to be truncated for a Tamara who stayed at the gates of the Eurobasket because of the coronavirus and who has recovered in time to be with the rest of the Spanish team in Tokyo. It is not surprising, therefore, that the first thing the Abaldes did after Alberto’s arrival was to get together in the Villa and immortalize the moment on social networks: “Living the Olympic Games is incredible, enjoying them with my sister is a dream”.

Going to my second Games and doing it with my little brother is something I am not aware of.

Tamara abalde

An Olympic trip that they could barely draw in their mind when they played with their father as children, as the Valencia Basket player acknowledges: “It was like, can you imagine? But like someone who imagines anything else. It is something that makes me very excited and until I have seen myself there, taking the photo with the Olympic rings, we did not believe it. neither. Going to my second Games and doing it with my little brother is something I am not aware of. “Today Tamara and Alberto are the third siblings of different sex that coincide in the national teams. Before them, Rudy and Marta Fernndez and Andrs did. and Clara Jimnez, in the mid-80s.

By Gasol and Hernangmez

The Abalde are just one of the sagas that will be in the Saitama Super Arena representing Spanish basketball in some Games. The Hernangmez will also live their first Games together after Juancho has overcome his shoulder problems to be able to accompany his brother Willy, who was already present in Ro five years ago and who knows what it is to get on the podium and hang an Olympic medal.

The Gasols, Pau and Marc, are already a classic in the Olympic event and will complete their third Games together after the two silvers achieved in Beijing 2008 and London 2012. They could not repeat the Ro image due to an injury to the foot of the Today a Lakers player, but now they return to the charge with their sights set on a third metal together to close the family’s Olympic bond in the best possible way.

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