The Endesa League Final Phase 2020 It will take place from Wednesday June 17 to Wednesday June 30 in Valencia. The top two finishers in groups A and B will play the semifinals before the grand final of a tournament that will be resolved in a single match final. Barcelona and Real Madrid are the big favorites to win the Endesa 2020 League.

4th Day – Group B – Wednesday 24

Casademont Zaragoza – Herbalife Gran Canaria | 15.30 – Movistar Sports

The Canarian team, highly motivated after chaining two victories, seeks the third against the group’s great disappointment, a Zaragoza punctured by casualties and adding three defeats by an average difference of 15 points.

MoraBanc Andorra – Real Madrid | 18.30 – Movistar Sports

Real Madrid will look for their third victory in the Endesa League Final Phase against a MoraBanc Andorra who hastens their last thread of life. In the absence of two days to close Group B, four teams are tied with a balance of 2-1 and in theory the two tickets will be distributed to the semifinals, although Andorra (1-2) also has mathematical options.

Valencia Basket – San Pablo Burgos | 21.30 – #Come on

The direct duel of the day will be starred by Valencia and Burgos, who come from fitting their first defeats. More equality is expected than in the two previous duels of this course, resulting in separate beatings ‘taronja’ at home (62-93) and at home (95-66), especially given the growth of the Castilian team, which surprised Real Madrid and touched the plenary before falling in overtime against Herbalife.

4th Day – Group A – Tuesday 23

Kirolbet Baskonia 87 – 86 Unicaja

Baskonia and Unicaja opened the day with a great game that did not disappoint anyone, and they had to decide in overtime. It was a very crazy clash that ended up falling on the side of Dusko Ivanovic’s team by the minimum, thanks to a decisive free kick scored by Polonara after Axel Bouteille rushed with the triple when his team had the ball to win the match. The Frenchman missed and Polonara scored one of the two free throws. Although they had another ball to take the game, there was hardly time and Baskonia defended well to add a victory that puts them on their feet and a half in the semifinals.

RETAbet Bilbao Basket 73-85 Barcelona

Barça is already a semifinalist of this Final Phase of the Endesa League after beating Retabet Bilbao Basket by 73-85 in Round 4 of the group stage and remain undefeated, in a duel that they entered badly but in which, thanks to a great Pierre Oriola and Adam Hanga, surpassed some ‘men in black’ already eliminated. Pesic gave Nikola Mirotic rest and it seemed that, with the course of the match, it was a bad decision, but finally the absence of the power forward was not noticed.

Iberostar Tenerife 82-80 Joventut

Tenerife won an inconsequential match, as both teams were eliminated when the fourth day of the Endesa League Final Phase began for them. The two teams no longer have options to be in the semifinals.

Matchday 3 – Group B – Monday 22

Herbalife Gran Canaria 91-87 San Pablo Burgos

Herbalife keeps alive the options to surprise and be in the semifinals after defeating San Pablo Burgos 91-87. The Canaries add two wins and one loss and hope that Valencia will beat Real Madrid so that their chances of accessing the next round will increase. On the other hand, after giving the surprise by beating the whites, the Burgaleses reap their first defeat, although they still have options.

Real Madrid 95-90 Valencia Basket

Real Madrid recovered all their options to be in the semifinals of the Final Phase of the Endesa League after winning a brave Valencia Basket 95-90 on Monday in a frantic and full of excitement game, from which a huge Facundo Campazzo stood out.

Casademont Zaragoza 93-113 MoraBanc Andorra

MoraBanc Andorra has imposed on Casademont Zaragoza in the match that closed the third day of the Endesa League Final Phase in Gurpo B. The victory of the Andorran people allows them to have a thread of vina in their aspirations to be in the semifinals, while the hands are already mathematically eliminated.

3rd Day – Group A – Sunday 21

Iberostar Tenerife 70-78 RETAbet Bilbao Basket

The RETAbet Bilbao Basket has released its locker of victories in the Final Phase of the Endesa League by prevailing in the duel of bottoms against Iberostar Tenerife (70-78), in a third day of Group A that virtually left the canaries in the search for the semifinals and that keeps the Basque team alive.

Joventut Badalona 89-98 Unicaja

Unicaja continues to aspire to crosses for the Endesa League title, after winning Joventut de Badalona in a last frantic quarter in which the greatest success of Luis Casemiro’s pupils caused the forecasts to be fulfilled. Axel Bouteille, with 28 points, stood out as the great star of the match and main architect of the victory.

Barcelona 81-75 Kirolbet Baskonia

Barça continues with a firm step and is virtually classified to crosses for the title in the Endesa League. The Catalan team had a very tough game against Baskonia, which they were able to solve thanks to the choral performance of their squad, deeper than that of their rival, and a last quarter in which they made the difference in the offensive.

2nd Day – Group B – Saturday 20

Valencia Basket 89-71 Casademont Zaragoza

Valencia Basket achieved its second consecutive victory in this final phase of the Endesa League after beating Casademont Zaragoza 89-71. Although the result is a bit misleading. At half-time, Porfi Fisac’s pupils won by 10, but after the dressing room, Ponsarnau’s team increased their intensity both in defense and attack and turned it in the third quarter with a 24-10 run. In the last quarter equality was maximum. A little less than five to the end they were tied at 67 but the locals put one more gear and ended up winning by 18 to reach the match against Real Madrid with full victories.

Morabanc Andorra 88-104 Herbalife Gran Canaria

Herbalife Gran Canaria clearly prevailed over the Andorran team by an 88-104 in which there was a great protagonist for the island side: Omar Cook. Both teams left with the intention of achieving the first victory of this Final Phase of the Endesa League to take advantage, above all, of the surprising defeat of Real Madrid at the hands of San Pablo Burgos. The victory of the canaries causes maximum equality in group B, so the first two places are within everyone’s reach, although Morabanc Andorra is uphill.

San Pablo Burgos 87-83 Real Madrid

San Pablo Burgos struck the bell against Real Madrid in the first match of the second day of group B of this Exceptional Final Phase of the Endesa League. The Whites fell 87-83 and they complicate their lives just before taking on Valencia Basket, a match that becomes a final since defeat would leave them with almost no options to go to the semifinals. Bad game for those of Laso who were not very loose in attack and were in tow almost the entire game and ended up giving up their first defeat in this phase.

2nd Day – Group A – Friday 19

RetaBet Bilbao Basket 79-86 Joventut de Badalona

After showing great feelings in the last minutes of the first game against Barcelona, ​​Joventut added their first victory in the final phase of the Endesa League, after defeating RetaBet Bilbao Basket in a fast-paced game that was decided in extra time, where Carles Durán’s pupils were more successful in defense and offensive rebound, with a great Morgan, who had not given up during regulation time until the last seconds.

Unicaja Málaga 73-84 F.C Barcelona

Second victory in two games for Barcelona, ​​and again suffering. The Svetislav Pesic team had to put the batteries in a great second half to control a creditable Unicaja who, yes, ran out of batteries prematurely. The momentum of Luis Casimiro’s men was not accompanied by success from a long distance and the quality of the Catalans, with Mirotic and a great Tomic at the helm, did the rest.

Kirolbet Baskonia 79-72 Iberostar Tenerife

Full of triumphs for Baskonia in the final phase of the Endesa League. The Basque team stands out as a clear alternative to the Madrid-Barça duopoly and not without suffering they prevailed over Iberostar Tenerife in a match fought against one of the revelation teams of recent times. Commanded by an immeasurable Shengelia, who finished with 34 valuation, Ivanovic’s pupils continue their way and will seek to pass first in Group A.

1st Day – Group B -Thursday 18

MoraBanc Andorra 74-90 Valencia Basket

Valencia Basket fulfilled the predictions and defeated MoraBanc Andorra 74-90 in the first meeting that both teams played in this Exceptional Final Phase at the Fuente San Luis pavilion in Valencia. The hosts suffered more than expected and with six minutes to go until the end of the game the Andorrans were only one point away, but the Valencians hit a final stretch and returned to put 18 in a sigh two minutes from the end, a ultimate distance.

Real Madrid 91-73 Herbalife Gran Canaria

Real Madrid achieved a hard-fought victory against Herbalife Gran Canaria (91-73) to add their first victory in the Endesa League Final Phase thanks to an overwhelming start and an outcome forged with great skill. Pablo Laso’s men had 12 wins in a row before the pandemic and were going through one of the brightest moments of the season. After an impressive start, the madridistas came to see how the canaries were on their heels on the scoreboard, but they pulled quality to take the final victory.

Casademont Zaragoza 86-92 San Pablo Burgos

The San Pablo Burgos beat Casademont Zaragoza (86-92) on the first day for both of them this Thursday in the Endesa League Final Stage, in Group B, after almost always leading the way and not wavering in an even finish in La Fonteta.

1st Day – Group A -Wednesday 17

Barcelona 96-92 Joventut de Badalona

After disappointing in the Copa del Rey and the cancellation of the Euroleague, the Barça team has only the league trick left to not close out the first season of its ambitious project led by Nikola Mirotic. Svetislav Pesic has lost an important player during the break, Malcom Delaney, but in the starting position he recovers Kevin Pangos and will have Thomas Heurtel rolled more. For its part, Joventut, who entered the Final Phase as the last classified, comes very down due to the losses, since in recent weeks they have left the club Nikos Zizis, Perrin Buford, Tony Wroten or Luke Harangody.

Iberostar Tenerife 70-83 Unicaja

Unicaja has appeared strongly in this Final Phase of the Endesa League. The team led by Luis Casimiro clearly beat Iberostar Tenerife in its 70-83 debut, led by a fantastic performance by Adam Waczynski from the triple. The Pole completed a perfect match from 6.75 with a four-for-four for 17 points and a PIR of 16. It was presumed to be a close match, but Unicaja’s external success and the losses of the Canarian team, which was in tow throughout the game, tipped the balance in favor of the Malaga team.

Bilbao Basket 64-87 Kirolbet Baskonia

Baskonia passed the roller at the Fonteta in the Basque derby. Led by its two game directors, Jayson Granger and Luca Vildoza, Dusko Ivanovic’s team confirmed their candidacy for the title after an exhibition against a Bilbao Basket that wanted to confirm their surprising performance in the Endesa League, where they ranked fifth with two wins more than his rival. However, the team from Vitoria asserted their experience and added their first victory to the box.