Carlos Correa, who plays for the Houston Astros of the Major League Baseball (MLB), would love to test his mettle in the UFC octagon in the future.

To Correa, who is a big fan of MMA, asked which MLB star would be the best fighter during a recent interview with MMA Junkie and quickly he mentioned himself as the best bet, noting his background in boxing.

“I would love to try in the UFC. I grew up boxing and I loved it, but I realized: “Man, in baseball, they don’t hit you that much.” In boxing I will have to be constantly hit in the face and stomach in the ribs. And that hurts. I got attached to baseball and it worked well for me. But I would definitely love to try it. “

Correa enjoys analyzing the sport of MMA, but admits that he will not have a complete idea of ​​what mixed martial artists go through unless he competes himself.

Knock out, I’d love to know what that feels like in the Octagon. But also receive a KO. It’s hard to talk about that and talk about the adjustments fighters must make when you’re on the sidelines. But when you’re really there feeling your opponent’s power, it’s hard to make those adjustments. It will be a different perspective if you are able to enter that octagon ”

Although there are many athletes who change from one sport discipline to another, in MMA, (outside of other contact sports) the majority comes from American football And there is no known case in the UFC that a baseball player has made the leap to MMA.

If Correa tried in MMA, he says that would like to compete in the 205-pound light heavyweight division, where Jon Jones is currently the champion.

“I can do 205. I weigh around 215, 220. I could do 205 easily. Then Jon Jones would kick my ass. “