BASEBALL MINIATURES – The new and the old in Lidom equipment

Hector J. Cruz

The Dominican ball 2020-21 began yesterday, a shortened calendar, without fans, with seats occupied by cardboard photos paid for by the fans themselves, and Lidom assuming a very relevant social responsibility. The Dominican Republic and the world are in a health crisis due to Covid-19. And somehow you have to make the effort to give life a little normality.

It is an effort that is worthwhile and that is carried out in the middle of this pandemic, with great responsibility for prevention for all the actors of the contest. On this occasion, let’s see what is new for each club in its office and pitch structure, excluding the players.

TOROS DEL ESTE: They are the champions of the last tournament, and they repeat their entire leadership plant with Raymond Abreu in management, Lino Rivera as manager, Luis Rodríguez Amiama as president and Jorge Sturla as executive vice president.

ORIENTAL STARS: They continue with the manager who finished last tournament, when they did not qualify after being champions in 2018-19. It is the Venezuelan José Alguacil, who is going to his second trial by fire. Miguel Feris Chalas assumes his second term as president, Pavel Aguiló vice executive and Manny Acta in the management of baseball operations. It will be a challenging year for Acta, as their teams have not been able to go to the playoffs in the last two tournaments (Aguilas and Estrellas).

TIGRES DEL LICEY: The doctor Domingo Pichardo will end his second term as president, Junior Noboa is still in the management and as manager they have brought in the Venezuelan Luis Sojo, an industry fox because the club did not want to repeat the Colombian Luis Urueta. Licey lost the final of the Toros last January.

LIONS OF THE CHOSEN: José Miguel Bonetti is still in the presidency, José Gómez in the general management, and from somewhere they bring in old Dave Jauss to be their manager. Jauss has been a Lidom champion with Licey for 21 years (1998-99). And then he led to the Stars.

GIGANTES DEL CIBAO: They captured Luis Urueta, a former high school student, and they also have a new manager in the young Jesús Mejía, son of Vitelio, president of the league. Samir Rizek remains in the presidency.

CIBAEÑAS AGUILAS: Quilvio Hernández returns to the presidency, to see if the Aguilas return to a final. Felix Fermín continues as manager, like Angel Ovalles in management.

THE PRESIDENT: Luis Abinader went to the Quisqueya stadium in a short-sleeved shirt, I did the honor roll three times (because I was not in good shape), and then he took a walk here and there … He was also in the broadcast of the Escogido and shared an interview with Michel Tueni and José Antonio Mena. He explained why he is a harrier (his parents are from Tamboril and Santiago), and he played youth baseball in the capital .. He also clarified the possibility that later on they will receive fans in the stadium, but that will depend on the evolution of the Covid .. It was abundant , He enjoyed it a lot and naturally many people on the pitch, as is the custom in the Dominican Republic. Did Danilo Medina or Leonel Fernández ever go to the stadium to the pitch? I do not remember … Perhaps the penultimate was Hipólito Mejía … Joaquin Balaguer threw the first ball from the presidential box (he handed it hand to hand to the receiver).

NEW TEAM? Yesterday there was a lot of confusion in the networks, many people asking if there was a new team in Lidom called Ferquido because that had not been promoted. Then it was clarified that it is the Chosen One, who this year removed the name of the team and put the mark of a soil fertilizer, one of its sponsors owned by the Najri family … That is used a lot in some European football clubs, but It is the first time it has been seen in Lidom… In fact, the complaint of this practice is that it diminishes and authenticity is lost, the brand loses, but it is relative. I think Barcelona has had its sponsor Rakuten in front of them for four years (Rakuten is a Japanese firm that competes with Amazon). After all, what the fans want is for the team to win. If they lose, they will look for a fucú. The reds had already changed before to a question called Capital, now they are Ferquido …

OF INTEREST: Anderson Tejeda, from Licey, hit a home run in his debut with the Blues, matching what he had done last August when he debuted in the Major Leagues with Texas .. Incredible coincidence for this young man .. The subject of fan photos in The seats are interesting, the teams decided to charge a sum to carry out the operation, and put the economic coverage in the hands of their fans. For example, the Gigantes del Cibao charge 1,250 pesos, the Toros 1,500, Aguilas 2000, Estrellas and Licey 3000 , Chosen 1000 … That is not required, if you want the purchase, otherwise look elsewhere .. No one will be affected .. The game suspended yesterday between Bulls and Stars was moved to December 5 as part of a double clash … Those games will be 7 innings … In Lidom there is the rule that every reliever must face a minimum of three batters before being traded … That’s fine, to the suffering of Felix Fermín and Lino Rivera … Juan Francisco hit a home run on his first shift came back I walk to the Giants, their number 71, home run king of all time. Then he added two doubles in the team’s 8-5 win over the Aguilas in 10 innings.- .. At the beginning of the game there was a power failure in the Aguilas mobile unit, the transmission went out, and those are “normal” things. in the country … Yesterday the legendary Tom LaSorda was hospitalized in Los Angeles. Lasorda is 93 years old… .El Escogido has a catcher named Tres Barrera .. He is a native of Texas, his first name is Felipe and he is the third in the family chain.,…