Barty, on Djokovic and the pressure: “For me, the pressure is an absolute privilege”

Ashleigh barty was asked by Novak Djokovic and what happened in these Tokyo Olympics 2021. This was his response: “Obviously, all tennis players have to deal with different feelings and pressures on the court. I think Novak is in a league above mine, just look at what he’s fighting for this year: winning all four Grand Slam of the season, something that no one has achieved since Rod Laver. I think what he is looking for is something very special, but it is very difficult for me to comment on what he is feeling, because I do not know what it must feel like. For me, pressure is an absolute privilege. When you are an athlete and you are in a stressful environment, it is sometimes challenging; it can be distressing, but it can also be euphoric, and you have to know how to find that balance to reach your limits ”.

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