BRASILIA – The President Jair Bolsonaro used social media to criticize the decision of the Minister of the Supreme Federal Court Luís Roberto Barroso, which suspended on Saturday, 2, the presidential act that determined the expulsion of employees of the Embassy of Venezuela in Brasilia.

Bolsonaro says Barroso’s decision on diplomats meets ‘Chavista’ deputy

Photo: Dida Sampaio / Estadão Content

In the publication, Twitter affirms that the minister, when attending a request of the deputy Paulo Pimenta (PT-RS) and grant the preliminary injunction, accepted the arguments of a defender of the Nicolás Maduro, successor to Hugo Chávez in charge of Venezuela. “The deputy in question, as noted in several videos, is a staunch supporter of the regime Chaves / Mature“, states Twitter.

Before publication and Twitter, Paulo Pimenta had already released a video on the internet to celebrate the determination of Barroso. “This decision to Twitter it was an atrocity “, said the deputy, stating that, only last Thursday, 34 Venezuelan diplomats were informed that they would have to leave the country.” A gesture of hatred, of resentment, without any need, in the middle of a pandemic. There was no reason to justify such an atrocity by the government Twitter against the representatives of the Venezuelan people “, declared chili.

The decision of the president that ordered the expulsion of officials from the Embassy of Venezuela in Brasilia was also signed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ernesto Araújo. The Brazilian government had stipulated until this Saturday, 2, the departure of government diplomats Nicolás Maduro. THE Venezuela refuses to comply with the decision alleging ‘unnecessary pressure’ from the Plateau.

The decision also provided for the expulsion of officials from Venezuelan consulates in Belem (PAN), Good view (RR), Manaus (AM), Rio de Janeiro (RJ) and Sao Paulo (SP).

The suspension determined by Barroso worth ten days and the minister requested, in this period, that Twitter and the minister Ernesto Araújo provide information on the expulsion. In the minister’s assessment, the decision was urgent due to the pandemic of Covid-19. For him, the immediate exit order “violates minimal humanitarian reasons” because members of the diplomatic corps “do not pose any imminent danger”.

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