Barrichello: “Alonso is better than Schumacher”

Rubens Barrichello, which coincided for six seasons with Michael Schumacher During the German’s golden spell at Ferrari, he believes Lewis Hamilton is better than him. The Brazilian has also talked about the return of Fernando Alonso to Formula 1, which he sees as better prepared than Schumacher when he returned.

Regarding Hamilton, who has equaled the Kaiser’s seven world titles, Barrichello commented: “He’s a phenomenon, that’s all. Better than Schumacher? I think it is. I competed with both and I think it is”.

In an Instagram live with the journalist Reginaldo Leme, Rubens Barrichello He has also talked about the return of Fernando Alonso: “Alonso gave an interview that is one of those that I don’t like to give, but he’s a direct guy. They asked ‘what is the possibility that what happened to Schumacher will happen to him? He was gone for three years, he came back and it didn’t go well. ‘ Y Alonso said: ‘I’m better than Schumacher’”.

He, for sure, is better prepared, he has been driving more Formula 1 than Schumacher drove to return, so I don’t see that Alonso is doing it wrong. I don’t know if it returns to the same level that it left. He’s a leader and Ocon will have the best chance in the world. Alonso will return to a higher level ”, he added about the Asturian.

Alonso will have it easy to overcome the return of Schumacher

It should be noted that Michael Schumacher returned to Formula 1 in 2010. He did so hand in hand with Mercedes, a team with which he raced for three seasons. The German never had a chance to fight for the World Cup and only got on the podium once, in 2012, twelve races before his final retirement. In his first campaign he was ninth; in the second, eighth and in the third, thirteenth. His teammate, Nico Rosberg, was seventh, seventh and ninth, respectively. While Schumacher came back with 41 years, Fernando Alonso will do it with 39.