Despite the fact that Paz Pastor, ex-wife of Manolo Segura, assured in the burning chapel of the publicist that Borja Thyssen He had not found a flight to travel to Madrid and go to say goodbye to his father biological, we hoped that finally managed to get to incineration this Friday.

However, this has not been the case, and Borja and Carmen Cervera have become the involuntary protagonists in the intimate farewell of Manolo Segura. And it is that his absence has been the most commented, since mother and son had a very close relationship with the Cantabrian.

According to sources close to Baroness Thyssen, Tita panics at coronavirus and is afraid to go to places where there are many people for fear of a contagion that in his case, being a patient at risk for his age, could prove fatal. Reason enough, despite his grief over the death of his son’s father, to stay in Andorra and not be able to say goodbye to Manolo.

This morning, only Paz Pastor and a close friend of Segura have come to the Tres Cantos mortuary to attend the intimate cremation of Borja Thyssen’s father. After a brief burial, his ex-wife was kind to us. Visibly excited, she assured that « he has left calmly, surrounded by people who loved him very much and is already resting and enjoying and making the sky much better. « Moved, Paz has defined Manolo as a » big shot « and has justified the absence of Tita Cervera and her son.