Bargain at Amazon: two WiFi bulbs with adjustable color for only 14.99 euros, and with Alexa | Technology

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If you want to improve or start assembling your Smart Home, now you can do it for very little money. Amazon has just reduced a pack of two RGB smart bulbs that is at a bargain price.

Unlike just a few years ago, today it is easy and cheap to have a smart home. All products related to it have become very cheap, so now anyone can set up a Smart Home in just a few days.

The proof of this we have right now on Amazon, a store that sells a pack of two multicolored smart bulbs for only € 14.99 (if you apply the € 5 discount coupon), a real bargain.

Two WiFi bulbs for € 14.99

These two bulbs can not only be turned on and off from their app or from Alexa, but they can also be adjusted in terms of color and tonality, so in addition to giving light, they will also decorate your house.

Beyond Alexa, they are also compatible with Google Assistant, so it doesn’t matter too much which smart speaker you use to control them. In fact, you don’t even need one, since With the Nooie application, the manufacturer, you can control them without the need for a virtual assistant.

Typically, colored smart bulbs tend to be significantly more expensive than white ones, although not in this case. In addition, we are talking about a model that accumulates more than 300 positive opinions on Amazon, a luxury that is difficult to achieve for small brands.

Assembling your own Smart Home is easier than it seems, it can also be cheaper if you know what products to look for so that you can control products in your home such as light bulbs, appliances, lamps or televisions.

Having them is always a good idea, even if you already have white WiFi bulbs, and the fact is that with their RGB light they allow you more flexibility, something that you can appreciate in certain areas of the house, such as the garden or the bathroom.

Of course, we must bear in mind that being so cheap and not reaching € 29 in price, shipping is only free if you have Amazon Prime or if you buy two packs of two bulbs. If you prefer to become Prime, it also helps you to register for the free trial month with no commitment to stay.

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