Barely covers what is necessary, Kim Kardashian drives the networks crazy

It barely covers what is necessary, Kim Kardashian drives the networks crazy (INSTAGRAM)

Barely covers what is necessary, Kim Kardashian drives the networks crazy | INSTAGRAM

The owner of SKIMS and KKWBeauty She is a total fashion icon, Kim Kardashian has us very accustomed to her surprising and iconic outfits with which she goes to social events, dinners and others, and this time, I leave all Instagram speechless.

Although, the still Kanye West’s wife It has always been characterized by using heart-stopping looks, where it is necessary to show a little skin, this time, it almost crosses the line, since the tiny top that it modeled barely and manages to cover its front prominences.

It is no secret that combining textile garments in neutral tones is what Kim does best, because for this iconic outfit, he chose to play with brown and beige tones, and the result was impressive.

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What really enchanted the audience is the audacity of the businesswoman in deciding to wear practically her entire torso exposed, since the cut of the blouse highlights the abdominal area to the fullest extent.

In addition to the extravagant cut of the top, which only covers Kim’s front attributes, this garment is held back by straps that are tied on the model’s beautiful back, giving it a rather flirtatious and sensual touch.

It is worth mentioning that in the entertainment piece we can see the strips of the splendid blouse, they pass right through the area of ​​her navel, creating that all eyes go to that place, that if by itself it is already a very small waist, thanks to this style of top, manages to look even more.

Another detail that loved about this beautiful outfit was the jean mom that Kim decided to wear, in this way she looked incredible, highlighting her tiny waist and was most comfortable, because this type of pants is what she is looking for.

The color of this piece highlighted to the maximum the incredible tan of the socialite, in addition to that in one of the images placed we can see her magnificent derrier in the foreground, thus pampering her millions of followers.

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The pants at the same time are tied at the ankles, making her slender legs look long and voluptuous at the same time, making everyone who has seen the charming images fall in love.

Something that also enchanted everyone was the beautiful cowboy boots with which Kim complemented her fantastic outfit in neutral, without a doubt this outfit will go down in history and very surely in the coming days we will see many influencers recreating this look.

The publication is only a few hours old and has gathered almost 3 million likes, and an infinity of comments that affirm that Kim Kardashian is the best to dress and steal the total attention on social networks.