Barely contained charms, Alexa Dellanos in a flirtatious dress

Barely contained charms, Alexa Dellanos in a flirty dress | INSTAGRAM

The beautiful american model Alexa Dellanos has been collaborating with the best makeup artists in New York on his recent trip to the big Apple in order to take some excellent photo shoots with their best outfits.

On this occasion we will address the most recent photograph published in its Official instagram in which she showed that she only needs a flirty dress to look practically perfect, which is why she gathered more than 60,000 likes in a very short time.

Your comments faithful audience They arrived quickly, also filling that box with compliments, compliments and of course expressions in which her fans decided to reveal their love for her once again, because every time they have the opportunity, they do so in large numbers in their entertainment pieces.

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It seems that Alexa Dellanos is already back from Miami Florida where he normally lives and spends his time enjoying the beautiful beach that he has very close to his home, we can assume this thanks to the fact that he uploaded a photograph in which he appears in the sand most likely just when he got home.

In his stories, he also seeks to bring us a little closer to his professional and personal life by sharing some behind the scenes and some activities that they carry out in their free time.


On this occasion, he placed a couple of photographs of his stay in New York, some in which with a very attractive set well through the streets of the busy city where life is very fast, full of business and many other things happening at the same time.

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For the daughter of Myrka Dellanos it is very important to grow in her social networks, she has been trying to grow her Instagram followers but she has been a bit stagnant.

However, his tiktok has grown quite fast. He even exceeded the number of Followers he has in the social network of photos, so he will continue to upload content in that app as well.

In Show news we will rescue your best photos, videos, stories, curious facts and much more of Alexa Dellanos who is one of the internet’s favorite blondes and an expert in modeling in a way that manages to be the center of attention.