Bárcenas leaves jail with a six-day permit

The former treasurer of the PP, Luis Bárcenas, has left the Soto del Real prison in Madrid this Sunday to enjoy a six-day leave, have informed sources close to the inmate.

On March 17, the prison surveillance judge granted the former treasury of the PP his first 12-day prison leave, of which you can enjoy in two periods of six days.

The magistrate then granted Bárcenas this permission against the judgment of the Prosecutor’s Office and distributed it in two blocks of six days, at the unanimous proposal of the Treatment Board of the Soto del Real prison (Madrid), in which it fulfills a 29 year sentence for the Gürtel case.

The magistrate recognized in his order the rigor of these penitentiary professionals of the aforementioned board and that they act under the principles of legality and presumption of veracity, and takes into account that Bárcenas, who was in preventive prison before being tried, has passed more than three years on probation without it having occurred no incident or attempted escape.

He also argued that his assumption of responsibility would incompatible with the idea of ​​brokenness; in addition to his family situation, with the support of his son.

However, the judge did not admit to progressing to third grade, given that precisely the Board of Treatment was the one that proposed its classification in second degree, nor the application of article 100.2 of the prison regulations, which would allow him to leave prison for a few days to go to work or carry out some volunteer work.

The judge considered that, although Bárcenas presents “numerous and qualified adaptation factors”, has not been “fully accredited”, beyond the circumstances of normal coexistence, a favorable evolution that makes it possible to affirm that he is “capable of leading a regime of life in semi-freedom”.

The National Court set at 12 years in prison maximum penalty what must meet the ex-treasurer of the PP, which corresponds to three times the highest sentence that was imposed on him for that case of corruption.