Barcelona walks

05/13/2021 at 11:00 AM CEST

Barcelona is a city that invites you to walk. With facilities for travel walking, a multitude of picturesque streets and places both by sea and mountains, it is a city given to be explored on foot.

The Barnatresc cycle, organized by the Barcelona City Council through the Institut Barcelona Esports, has been organizing walks in Barcelona for more than 20 years and not even a pandemic has been able to stop it.

This year it has been reinvented so that continuing to practice physical activity in the city remains a reality.

Last year there were already a couple of calls with reduced attendance of participants and in 2021 it has reinvented itself, taking a step further. This year the walks with two formats that allow adapting to all the safety and prevention requirements demanded by current times. The walks in this edition thus present a format “Signposted & rdquor; that, during the weekend of each walk, indicates the route to be taken, with the signs of the Caminades Barnatresc no departure, arrival controls, or the usual services. In addition, during the following two weeks, this tour is enabled through a mobile app that allows walkers to do the same walk, but in a “virtual” way, scoring for the pin that is given each year to people who have completed more walks. The application can be downloaded from the “stores & rdquor; official Android and Apple (search “barnatresc & rdquor;) and from the official website of Barnatresc

Once again, new technologies are put at the service of sport and physical activity to overcome any limitation, bringing new avenues to citizens so that they can continue to enjoy an active and healthy life. More information

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