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The German goalkeeper mentioned that they are better than before soccer was stopped.

The German goalkeeper is one of Barcelona’s key players.




June 02, 2020, 03:25 p.m.

FC Barcelona goalkeeper Marc-André ter Stegen said in statements to the digital channel DAZN that he and his teammates are now physically and mentally better than before the stoppage forced by the coronavirus pandemic.

“I think that physically we have never been at such a good level as now. I am convinced that physically and mentally we are better than before,” said the goalkeeper.

Ter Stegen said that it is rare that you can have a preparation as long as the one that has forced the break and that strengthens Barcelona, ​​although it can also help other teams. Ter Stegen suggested that the situation with matches behind closed doors may end up favoring Barcelona.

“Now it is not about where you play or external pressure, but about football quality,” said the goalkeeper. Asked when he realized he had better footwork compared to many other goalkeepers, Ter Stegen said he did not believe it was a ball-handling skill, but “making the right decisions in the right moments. ” “In that sense, I think that since I’ve been here I have improved my game and adapted it to what the team needs,” he said.



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