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In Spain they assure that the Italians want Samuel Umtiti as part of the negotiation.

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May 23, 2020, 04:20 p.m.

The novel that involves the arrival of Lautaro Martínez in Barcelona, ​​adds another chapter. This time, a new player is the protagonist of the rumors in Spain and Italy, because according to the newspaper ‘Sport’, the Italian team wants the French player as part of the operation for Lautaro, a fact that Barcelona would consider only if he is transferred in its entirety.

The Spanish press assured that the Italian executives want the central defender on loan for a year, a fact that did not like inside Barcelona, ​​since the managers are seeking to reduce the salary of the staff and this can only be achieved by transferring to your players.

Barcelona would be willing to analyze offers for Umititi from 30 million euros, a fairly low figure compared to the price the player has in the market (50 million euros).

For now, the world champion central defender with France in 2018, does not intend to leave the team, because with the arrival of Quique Setién he hopes to retake his best level and fight for a position in the starting lineup with Gererd Piqué.



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