Barcelona is pardoned from the bridge and on the beach

Barceloneta Beach (Photo: EL HUFFPOST)

Barceloneta beach is bursting. The tourists have taken it again. Bikinis, multicolored swimsuits, splashing, sangria on the terraces. The firecrackers of the night still ring out. Selfies, laughs, umbrellas, full blast skaters, menu deals.

Little is missing for it to be normal. It is an essay about to be patented on this day of Sant Joan. But what the city has forgotten today is to recover, as happened in the past, great acts or demonstrations inherited from 1-O. Prisoners have been on the street since Wednesday and no concentrations, no burning of containers, no Mandela-style receptions, or receptions with an official staircase.

Catalonia is on the brink, inaugurating the summer, burning bad rolls on fire. The pardoned people had their hour of glory at the exit in Lledoners (where a hundred supporters attended) and have taken refuge in their homes. Family, privacy, out of the spotlight.

“At street level, normally”

Barcelona woke up very late this Thursday, after the night of San Juan. Everything closed, shutters down, with deserted streets (all those who have been able to have fled to other places on the coast or inland). Suddenly, as it happened pre-pandemically, the owners and gentlemen (with a lot of French accent) have been the tourist groups, taking the promenade and lying in the sun in the Ciutadella park.

Is anyone from here in the center? Along the Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, very close to the Palace hotel, Sergi, a 27-year-old young man, who is dedicated to corporate communication, goes with his helmets. What do you think on this first day after the pardons? “It is a step forward, I am in favor,” he replies. “At street level you live normally,” he says, looking around him.

Sergi (Photo: THE HUFFPOST)Sergi (Photo: THE HUFFPOST)

Sergi (Photo: THE HUFFPOST)

Reflect with your eyes on the future …

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