Barcelona don’t show their faces: send the rookies after the defeats | Santander League: Atlético de Madrid

As if a nefarious match had not been enough, the Barcelona it left another small stain more in a season without precedent in the last decade culé. After one of the worst games of the year with Koeman on the bench, after another just and deserved defeat, no one wanted to show their faces in the usual mixed zone after each match of the League Santander.

In the good times, in the big victories, it is always easy and comfortable to go out and make evaluations. Where identities and values ​​are really defined and forged are in defeats. After the third in eight games in the Barça League, in a clash where many players gave a much lower performance than expected, no one wanted to show their face and go out to speak before the Movistar microphones. Who was the chosen one? The youngest of the squad and one of the last to arrive, Pedri.

None of the players who had minutes in the Wanda Metropolitan wanted to make statements. In fact, the delay was remarkable to listen to the protagonist culé. Carrasco, scorer tonight, appeared with a smile from the rojiblancos. Behind him, it was the turn of the Barça players … but no sign of them. The accomplishment of Movistar had to happen to announcements before the wait. In fact, Pedri was already in the locker room when he was told that he should be the one chosen to speak to the media after the defeat.

Pedri, a boy from 17 years who arrived in the Barça dressing room a few months ago, chosen to eat the brown in front of the media after a poor game by the whole group, before which he is already a clear candidate for the title. Neither Messi, neither Griezmann, neither Lenglet, neither Ter Stegen, neither Jordi Alba… None of the veterans wanted to show up and it was the youngest of the entire squad. Although this is not the first time that the culés act like this.

A little less than a month ago, in another important game and key to the goal of winning the League, in the Classic, the Barça fell crashing before him Real Madrid at the Camp Nou. The modus operandi was the same. Poor party of the culés and none of the heavyweights, of the players with stripes in the dressing room, wanted to go out to face the micro. Who was the chosen one? Another newcomer like the American Dest who, to top it all, is not yet fluent in Spanish to defend himself with ease.