So much is said around FC Barcelona, ​​its internal crisis and its necessary revolution, that little sounds crazy. More if it is the captain of the ship.

Well, despite the recent appointment of Koeman, the chaos is so deep that it would be worth thinking about a plan B. According to the Sport newspaper, that would be none other than Jurguen Klopp.

The departure of coach Setién, Abidal, technical secretary, and probably some other manager, in addition to several ‘untouchables’ from the squad, makes it seem that by March, when the term of President Josep Bartomeu ends, there will also be a replacement.

One of the candidates for the next elections is Jordi Farre, who from now on has been encouraged to point to the most sought-after coach of the moment, as he told the newspaper Sport.

Farre, who has already surveyed the Liverpool coach and although he wished the new coach for a good performance, said: « If Koeman works and does it well, he will be, of course … Obviously, we have our roadmap and we had already started several conversations with Jurgen Klopp, because it seems to us that Barça needs such a coach. « 

He did not advance an answer but it is worth saying that Klopp recently assured that he will direct one more year and then he will take a break. The agendas, it seems, for now do not match.