Barcelona – Cádiz: Koeman, after the draw against Cádiz: “I’m more disappointed than against PSG” | sports

Every time this Barça cheers up, it takes a slap. It happened when he tried to finish first in the group in the European league and took three goals from Juve like four from PSG (first leg of the Champions League round of 16) and another two from Seville (first leg of the Cup semifinals), unable to say the yours in some tournament. Although the flask of laments was uncovered after drawing against Cádiz, a minor rival that prohibited him from approaching Atlético, because the warmth in the areas is grotesque; forwards are not right in the same way that backs make too many mistakes. Especially Lenglet, portrayed in several games this year, as he kicked at the wrong time and made the Cadiz tie possible. “It is a hard blow that we did not expect,” summarized Piqué with a crooked gesture after finishing the match. “I was not expecting it and we needed to win. And we had won it but we have failed many times. It is that you can not fail more. It is a missed opportunity and it is a very negative point for us ”, added Koeman, angry as few times; “I am very disappointed, even more so than against PSG. The problem belongs to the team because they have to win this game because of their quality and we haven’t done it.

“It hurts a lot because after Atlético’s defeat we had a chance,” Piqué continued; “I think we have played a game where we have generated a lot, with goals disallowed, and they have had almost none but they did have a penalty in 90. It is difficult to assimilate losing these two points coming from where we come from.” Jordi Alba agreed with him, also with a bad face and little desire to speak. “There is much left but we cannot let these points escape. There are no excuses. We had a unique opportunity. It’s a shame but we have to reconsider because this cannot be allowed anymore. This is Barça, there are no excuses ”, he reflected aloud.

The coach of FC Barcelona, ​​Ronald Koeman, in a press conference of this year’s Champions League. On video, his statements after the draw against Cádiz.MIGUEL RUIZ / FCB | VIDEO: .

Koeman kept the script: “We are disappointed because if you don’t score, these things can always happen to you. And it is clear that in attack we were not at our height ”.

The discomfort in the dressing room was due, above all, to the fever for not beating Cádiz after having 81% possession (19% the rival) and enjoying 20 shots by three visitors, one between the three sticks. And only Barça hit from 11 meters, both from Messi that he celebrated in his own way by becoming the player with the most matches with the Barça shirt in LaLiga (506 for Xavi’s 505 and now Busquets’ 400). It was also his 16th target of the championship, already top scorer with Suárez.

“We knew it”

In Cádiz it was clear to them. “The plan was to defend and not to get too many to reach the end with options. This is how it has been and a recognizable Cádiz has been seen again, “said Alex Fernández, happy for the goal and for scoring with the Cadiz team at the Camp Nou, a situation that had not occurred since 1978.” The problem is not that they defend with 11 … We have to resolve the game beforehand because we haven’t scored the second goal. It has to be done, ”Koeman slipped. Alba followed: “It’s our fault. We are very annoyed because we had dominated the game and we knew that the danger was against us and this has happened. We are to blame ”. But the penalty was done by Lenglet. “It’s doubtful but it can be whistled,” agreed Koeman; “What I have to look at is whether or not I should risk on the play. I do not know yet”. But he added: “I don’t like to blame one in particular because this is a team issue.”

With the tables and discouragement in his pocket, Piqué picked up the witness. “Every game that you don’t win, the options are reduced. LaLiga is going for a long time, but the distance is not unattainable. It depends more on us than on others, even if we are not ahead ”, he warned; “But if we are realistic, it is very complicated. In the Cup we will have some option, in the Champions difficult… We have to recover our game and feelings because if not, the others who are not going to get there may be losing. You have to lift your head and improve your spirits ”.