Than Neymar remains the number 1 goal of the Barca It is a no-brainer, an open secret in any corner of the Blaugrana club, as big or cheeky as the difficulties that the Camp Nou lives in economic matters. The culé directive had an ace up their sleeve to tackle the signing of the Brazilian this summer, a way they understood to be sure to achieve it but that involved a significant investment. The consequences that are deriving from the world coronavirus crisis changes this approach.

According to Sport, the Barca I had already studied with the Brazilian that he, unilaterally, accepted the Article 17 of the Regulations on the Statute and Transfer of Players. And what does this point allow? That the highest body rates the price of Neymar and the Barcelona In this case you have the option, it should be noted that it would be mandatory, to pay this amount so that you can see the colors of Barcelona again. It is estimated that this price could be 180 million euros, which would unsettle and compromise the entity’s accounts and scales this summer.

At the moment, the Catalans’ economic problems quarantine – never better said – any operation that is contemplated in the club’s offices. That of Neymar, despite being a priority number 1, it is not indifferent. The box office money generated by the club is paralyzed and this generates more unexpected expenses. Hence the strong interest in making a ERTE the staff, who would be willing to accept it despite the reduction in salary they intend for the duration of the confinement.

The staff accepts the situation and the reduction but would not understand that what is saved on the one hand … they used it for an astronomical transfer such as that of Neymar. To carry out this route with the FIFA It would generate discomfort among a certain sector of the workforce and, incidentally, would deepen current economic problems, becoming indebted to the obligation to pay the amount that the agency dictates. Therefore, for the signing of the Brazilian the Barca should sit down yes or yes to negotiate this summer with the Paris Saint Germain. It will not be easy and hence Griezmann has been put on the market.