Barceló and Cevallos put Emelec in the South American group stage

04/07/2021 at 6:17 AM CEST

EFE / Guayaquil

The Uruguayan Facundo Barceló and the midfielder Jose Francisco Cevallos scored this Tuesday the goals of the 2-0 win and the classification of Emelec to the group stage of the Copa Sudamericana at the expense of Macara, which lost a 2-2 draw in the first leg of the first phase. Barceló in the 5th minute and Cevallos at 76 consolidated at home the advantage of the Guayaquil team over those of Ambato. For Emelec, it was enough to take advantage of one occasion in each half to leave Macará without an option, who had complications when trying to put together a line of three in the background with the inclusion of the Uruguayan-Ecuadorian midfielder Matías Duffard between the Argentines Matías Cortave and Damián Schmidt.

Uruguayan talent joined in for Emelec’s first goal, as midfielder Sebastián Rodríguez enabled the striker Barceló, who took advantage of the pass between the lines, faced the Argentine goalkeeper Joaquín Pucheta and defeated him with a slightly elevated shot. Then, from the middle of the first half, Emelec fell into inconsequential football.

Macará missed the tie in the 52nd minute through Paraguayan midfielder Blas Díaz, who failed to finish off a pass from Venezuelan-Colombian midfielder Enson Rodríguez with precision from close range. The ball ended up in the hands of goalkeeper Pedro Ortiz.

The visiting team played with one less from minute 65 due to the expulsion of Enson Rodríguez. In 76 Emelec wove a great play that ended in the second goal by midfielder Cevallos, after triangulation between defender Romario Caicedo, Barceló and Caicedo that enabled the striker.

The inclusion of Cevallos and wingers Bryan Sánchez and Jefferson Caicedo improved Emelec’s performance, which ended with a better level of play than was shown in much of the match.