Barça’s huge mistake with Mbappé

Junior Minguella persists and signs. As he had already mentioned in the past, the Spanish agent, son of a famous intermediary who had brought Maradona, Stoickhov, Rivaldo or Leo Messi to Barça, recalled that the FC Barcelona had missed the opportunity to recruit Kylian Mbappé in 2017. This is what he confirmed on Tuesday evening on Spanish radio.

“I explained that in 2017, when Kylian was still in Monaco and he had decided to leave, he had several options on the table as you can imagine, replays Junior Minguella for 20 Minutes. The main ones came from Real, Barça and PSG. At that time, as you know, Monaco favored a departure abroad so as not to reinforce a direct competitor. As at Real, there was already the Bale-Benzema-Ronaldo trio, it may not be the right place at that time to allow Mbappé’s explosion. And at Barça, Neymar had just left, so there was a great opening for the Barcelona leaders. “Even if Mbappé was mainly announced at Real Madrid that summer, Minguella ensures that the prodigy of Bondy was” starting “to go to Barça to replace Neymar.

Mbappé was up for joining Messi at Barça

Finally, the Mbappé trail was abandoned. “Unfortunately the Barcelona management and sports directors thought at that time that the position and style of play of Ousmane Dembélé stuck better with that of Barça than Mbappé, who played him on the right, in the same position as Messi”, explains Minguella. Treated as a liar by some Barcelona supporters, the agent posted a screenshot of a discussion between him and Javier Bordas, who was then vice-president of Barça, where the latter explains to him the Catalan leaders and President Bartomeu prefer to recruit Ousmane Dembélé.

At the time, an agreement would have been reached with Monaco for a transfer to 130 million euros, plus 25 million euros (less than the 180 million euros disbursed by the PSG thereafter). But the Barcelona leaders would have deemed Mbappé too expensive. “What has Mbappé done so far to be so expensive? They wondered. A few weeks later, Neymar joined Paris, and Barça released 105 million euros (plus 40 million euros) to recruit Dembélé to succeed the Brazilian. Mbappé, he went to Paris at the end of August. Here is what Minguella said about it in 2018: “I think they (Barcelona leaders) made a mistake that will impact the club for the next 10 years. “Tuesday night’s game would tend to prove him right …