The negotiations between FC Barcelona and the players have left traces between the two sides. Messi did not at all appreciate the comments from a club that will save around 32 million euros a month in inactivity.

The financial health of many clubs is in great danger. This concerns in particular a FC Barcelona who earns a lot but also spends a lot, especially because of a huge payroll. Coronavirus forces, the receipts are frozen so that the blaugrana club does not escape the difficulties.

The club’s management therefore negotiated a 70% cut in wages for its players during the inactive period. A strong gesture that was not done smoothly since the negotiations lasted and during these comments of President Bartomeu were hardly appreciated by several players including Lionel Messi who felt singled out.

Messi alone is 5 million savings

The fact remains that according to Marca, the savings on wages should be considerable since it should represent 32 million per month! This gives an idea of ​​the overall payroll of the club. By the way, Lionel Messi alone will drop about five million euros (equivalent to his gross salary) per month. He is followed by… Antoine Griezmann paid 18 million net per year and will leave 2.1 million per month. Piqué or Busquets will allow savings of 1.5 million.

This will allow Barça to offset part of the losses to come. The final calculation will obviously depend on the continuation of operations and the date (and conditions) of a possible resumption of the season.

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