Barça, to the semifinals in a heart attack game!

06/09/2021 at 9:55 PM CEST

FC Barcelona managed to overcome all obstacles to defeat Movistar Inter 5-2 in the third quarter-final match and this weekend the semi-finals will also start the best of three matches on the Palma Futsal court.




(2 + 3): Dídac Plana (p.), Marcenio (1), Aicardo (1), Daniel, Ferrao -starting five-, André Coelho (1), Adolfo, Esquerdinha, Ximbinha, Matheus (2), Bernat Povill and Joselito.


(1 + 1): Jesús Herrero (p.), Raya, Eric Martel, Pola, Dani Saldise -starting five-, Cecilio, Fer Drasler, Borja and Boyis.


Rodrigo Miguel and Sánchez Molina (Castilian-La Mancha). They sent off the locals Adolfo (25:36), Daniel (26:52) and coach Andreu Plaza (26:52) with a direct red. They sent off visitor Eric Martel for a double yellow (13:58 and 34:47). They showed a yellow card to the local Ferrao (11:20); and to the visitors Cecilio (9:58) and Fer Drasler (39:38).


0-1, Pola (0:09); 1-1, André Coelho (13:04); 2-1, Aicardo (17.08); 2-2, Dani Saldise (25:38); 3-2, Matheus (29:59); 4-2, Matheus (35:42); 5-2, Marcenio (36:13).


Third and final match of the quarterfinals of the men’s futsal First Division League played before 1,300 spectators at the Palau Blaugrana (Barcelona).

Neither the expulsions of Adolfo (fair), Daniel (rigorous) and Andreu PlazaNeither the penalty that Dani Saldise transformed in the second instance nor the double-penalty that Dídac diverted to an Eric Martel who was also sent off stopped the locals with a Palau that was key to endure in the most arduous moments.

The party could not have started any worse for local interests. After a well-deserved and inappropriate tribute to Andreu Plaza, Miguel Andrés and Txus Lahoz, a Severe initial disconnection allowed Pola to score 0-1 at seven seconds.

The Barça coach stopped the game immediately and his team responded with a great arrival of the renewed Marcenio (until 2023) in 4 ‘, who could not overcome Jesús Herrero in the heads up.

Barça monopolized the ball while Inter waited crouched to show his gunpowder in the quick outings to the counter looking for the backs, like the one that Cecilio sent high in the 5 ‘, the double occasion of the exgranota and Borja that destroyed an excellent Dídac and another double in which the local goal was immense against Eric Martel and Dani Saldise.

There the party changed and those responsible were Esquerdinha and, above all, Dídac. Emulating the best Higuita, the Catalan acted perfectly as a goalkeeper-player and from his boots came the 1-1 in a play at the first touch in which ‘Esquerda’ and the striker André Coelho intervened.

Esquerdinha assisted André Coelho in the local draw


The price that the blaugranas paid was in the fouls. With five, Coelho committed the sixth and Eric Martel had a double-penalty in the 14th minute that Dídac deviated by making the cross practically without moving.

They were very good minutes for a Barça that was able to score in a great shot by Esquerdinha (he understood the game with a similar intelligence) and He did it with 2-1, Aicardo’s work at 17 ‘. In a sensational end of the course, the man from Cádiz ran into Jesús Herrero, but went for the rebound and scored from the ground.

The second half began with two shots touching the post of André Coelho and Eric Martel in shots that deflected both goals. And in a goal from Coelho, who stretched out his hand to finish it off and the referees got it right.

The funny thing is that EVERYTHING was whistled against Barça. They also hit the penalty for Adolfo’s hands inside the area to avoid a goal. He saw the red and Dani Saldise scored in the rejection of the maximum penalty that Dídac stopped him.

Ferrao, pressured by Dani Saldise


With the 2-2, Daniel made a hard tackle from behind as Fer Drasler left and also saw a rigorous direct red. Like Andreu Plaza, who could be having the worst possible farewell from the bench. And with three local fouls and no visitors (18 minutes passed between the fourth of the first act and the first of the second).

Barça endured the inferiority by clinging to Dídac, to the desire of the recently incorporated Bernat Povill and to an extraordinary Palau. And immediately afterwards the Brazilian Matheus took advantage of a great attendance to sign the 3-2 in 30 ‘after a sensational personal action with’ little footprint ‘included.

Ferrao had the 4-2 in a heads-up that ruined the visiting goalkeeper and five minutes from the end Joselito forced the second yellow on Eric Martel. Doubtful Any charge of conscience?

Esquerdinha played a sensational match


There Marcenio threw the team behind him with Cecilio acting as goalkeeper-player and masterfully interpreted the superiority so that a very inspired Matheus completed his ‘double’ with the 4-2 and he himself shot the goal of a visiting team that could not make the change and was 5-2 less than four minutes from the end .

In an excellent season in which they have won the Spanish Cup, the King’s Cup and the Super Cup, Inter says goodbye to their dream of revalidating the league title and will not play the next Champions League. However, with the revolution towards a low-cost workforce, the work of Tino Pérez and his team has been excellent. Meanwhile, Barça goes ahead and now they will face Palma Futsal.

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