Barça issued a press release on Monday in which it communicates that, “once the completion of the competitions has been confirmed and with the prospect of a possible limited return to the stands due to the demands generated by the COVID-19”, promotes measures to compensate subscribers for matches that they have been unable to follow from the 2019-20 season and modifies the schedule and the renewal conditions for 2020-21 subscriptions, since the leave of absence option is introduced and with the anticipation of refund of part of the fees for non-attended parties.

As for the 2019-20 season, subscribers may collect the proportional part of the annual fee at the end of September, which could reach 25 percent. The subscriber can request the deposit of the cash in his current account or choose the payment in product. The subscriber can also choose to receive the discount on the 2020-21 season fee or, in case of showing his or her liking to the club, waive the right to compensation. Barça announces that it will apply this option if the subscriber does not fill out the registration form.

Regarding the 2020-21 season tickets, Barça has decided to postpone the renewal of the tickets until the end of August, when the current competitions end. Barça warns that it will physically send the card to the subscriber but that it will be deactivated until it can regain its functionality. The novelty is that Barça offers a temporary leave of absence to the subscribers since there is no guarantee that the subscribers will be able to enjoy all the matches due to the problem with the capacity due to the coronovirus pandemic. If they use the leave of absence, they will maintain ownership of the subscription with a view to the 2021-22 season. The club will return the money of each game to which the subscribers who do renew their subscription cannot attend.

Barça also announces how it will manage the limited capacity of the Camp Nou. There will be preference for the member, who will allocate 85% of the capacity allowed. The other 15 percent will be left for partners and the general public. Subscribers must register on a form each match to qualify for the draw if demand exceeds supply.