Barça seeks to finish the semifinal in Tenerife

06/08/2021 at 7:31 PM CEST

Barça is already in Tenerife for the second match of the Endesa League semifinal, with only one goal: offer an image of consistency and success as happened in the first match of the semifinal, and seal this Wednesday the pass to the grand final of the Endesa League with a second victory against Lenovo Tenerife.

Jasikevicius congratulated his players for their great staging in the first game at the Palau, where the Catalans swept Txus Vidorreta’s side in a spectacular third quarter. But Tenerife can be a totally different game.

The Barça knows that Lenovo Tenerife was very hurt in his pride by the beating he received (112-69), the highest scoring by a team in the play-offs in the past 20 years, and sI am sure that the staging of the Tenerife team, supported by their fans, will be totally different.

The memory of Badalona

The Barcelona coach has not stopped reminding his players, that if the team does not jump with the right mentality, any good team in the League can win them, as happened in the second quarterfinal match against Joventut where the Catalans offered one of the poorest images of the season.

For this reason, Barça He will have to leave with the same mentality of the Palau, defensive aggressiveness, rebound control, and a high accuracy in the shot, maybe not as effectively as in the first game, because that is very difficult, pbut if confidently offensively.

And one of the most positive notes for this Barça at the height of the Endesa League, was seeing its star, Nikola Mirotic, fully involved and eager to perform his role as leader, after a few games where it has been frankly gray.

Defense on the bases

Nikola launched his teammates to victory against Lenovo and If it maintains that level, Barça will surely be very close to its second victory that will take it to the final of the Endesa League.

Saras will maintain the defensive pressure on his two ‘playmakers’ Fitipaldo and Huertas, two key men in the creation of the Tenerife team and that he knew how to tie up so well with the defense of Calathes, Bolmaro and also Westermann, who could get a second chance to Claver’s detriment.

We will see if the Barça that jumps to Fernando Martín this Wednesday, looks more like the one seen at the Palau in the first game, or the soulless team of the defeat against Joventut. We bet they already smell the final, and will go out to seek the final victory with the best disposition.

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